Kimchi Hut – Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia – sometimes it is hard to get a table at this popular Korean restaurant in Glen Waverley


Just off the popular Kingsway where all the main restaurants are lined up is Kimchi Hut. It serves some delicious Korean food. The hosts were very nice to us on arrival. We were handed a menu with plenty of usual suspects at a Korean restaurant, from glass noodles, soups, rice and fried chicken.

We ordered our meal and then we were served with sesame corn tea. The tea was hot and slightly sweet. We were also provided an array of five small side dishes, which consisted of a potato, bean shoot, fried bean curd, pasta and kimchi dishes. I really liked the fried bean curd and pasta dishes because of their flavor profile.

Japchae with Beef and some sides at Kimchi Hut

We ordered their Beancurd Soup with Pork and Kimchi for AUD$18.90. It came out sizzling hot and was still bubbling. It came with lots of bean curd, a nice big ladle and was super spicy.

Beancurd Soup with Pork and Kimchi at Kimchi Hut

Fried Chicken Ribs was nice and big, with lots of crunch. They came with a serving of sweet chili sauce and a normal chili sauce. It was $27.90 and was a decent serving.

Fried Chicken Ribs at Kimchi Hut

Japchae (sweet potato noodle) with Beef for $18.90 had a sweet and umami flavor. Compared to other Korean restaurants, it was done really well. I was pretty happy with it.

The whole restaurant was bustling on the day. There was barely a free table to spare, so we were lucky to even get a table without a reservation. We also brought our baby and she was well looked after, often getting glances from our hosts from time to time.

Lookout for the Kimchi Hut sign

Kimchi Hut is just off the popular Kingsway and in front of a huge car park. It is located at 185 Coleman Parade, Glen Waverley VIC 3150:

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