Mister Donut in Japan – the American franchise that can be found all over Asia but very prominently in Japan


Mister Donut can be found all over Japan. It’s by far the largest donut franchise in Japan and this is evident in every major Japanese cities thanks to its stores around every major corner and/or street. There is a Mister Donut in pretty much every major train station. That’s not a bad thing, because I love donuts and Mister Donut’s donuts are cheap and melt-in-your-mouth satisfying.

The display of donuts and their menu prices at Mister Donut.

Their pon-de-ring donut is their specialty. It’s a very chewy. mochi-like donut. They have them in several different flavors. They look like little balls stuck together.

Most of the donuts, including tax, range from 100 yen to 200 yen which means there is no reason not to buy a few. You will finish them in no time. Also, compared to Australian prices and offerings, Mister Donut absolutely blasts most of our donuts in terms of taste and price. (The only exception being my personal favorite, Dande Donuts hot jam donuts in Dandenomg Market)

When ordering, you can just point at the donuts you want to purchase. However, as I was learning the language, I found it a great chance to practice my katakana reading, since many of the donuts are derived from English words.

Waiting in line at Mister Donut

Back then, I ordered a French Cruller for 108 yen (with tax). It had icing on the outside and a really nice crunchy texture. It’s like a Krispy Kreme, but heaps better thanks to the crunch factor. I would have ordered more at the time if I had more room in my belly. (But at the time, we had eaten so much that this was really just for us to get a sense of what their donuts were like.)

Mister Donut’s French Crullers has a delicious iced exterior and a crunchy texture

Mister Donut can be found all over Japan and most parts of Asia. It’s an American import and no matter where you go, the donuts are consistently good and cheap.

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