Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – new trailer showing the return of the Red Ribbon Army and some familiar faces


A new Dragon Ball Super movie will be coming in 2022. So far, the movie is set for release in Japan but there is a desire for a simultaneous release in the West as well. In terms of timeline, the producers have explained that the movie will take place after the Broly movie and well before the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai / World Tournament (which the tournament that Goku fights Uub).

From the new trailer, it looks like the Red Ribbon Army will be making a comeback. New villains make an appearance in Gamma 1, Gamma 2 and a young chubby boy wearing what appears to be a super hero costume with the letter “H” on his chest. My speculation is that this chubby boy is likely a scientist who turned himself into an android (or more appropriately a cyborg) for the the purposes of becoming a super hero. His motives and whether he is indeed the main villain is unknown. In the early parts of the trailer, he is accompanied by a man wearing a suit with the Red Ribbon Army insignia. (Whenever the Red Ribbon Army is involved, you can expect trouble.)

We also see in the trailer a grown up Pan preparing to power-up, Goku battling someone and Piccolo who seems to be at his home, when he is attacked by an unknown entity.

The trailer shows off a new animation style, which I am pretty happy with. It seems the characters will look more 3D against the background and it feels like they have taken the art/animation inspiration from the Dragon Ball Z video games.

Aside from Goku, Pan and Piccolo. It seems that Korin, Vegeta, Bulma, Krillin, Dende, Broly, Whis will appear in this film as well thanks to the producers comments at the New York Comic Con 2021.

As for what I want, I am hoping that Perfect Cell makes an appearance but does not return in the same way that Frieza came back in Resurrection F and continued in Dragon Ball Super and I also don’t want to see a new transformation for Goku nor Vegeta. (I am hoping for other characters to step up.) I would like to see a grown up Goten and Trunks, both Android 17 and 18 appear given that the story involves the Red Ribbon Army, and a film that diverges from the typical “I need to be stronger, to win”.

All in all, the trailer is looking great and I am hoping for good things for this film. Let’s hope it delivers and more.

You can find out more information on the film at the official site here.

Check out the Official Trailer for new movie below:

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