Tina’s Noodle Kitchen at The Glen – Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia – your personal hot pot with a big serving of ingredients


The precinct area at The Glen, just outside the shopping center is breaming with fantastic restaurants. I’ve been to pretty much all of them now, but one that I find unique for this location is Tina’s Noodle House. It serves traditional Chinese noodles in soup within a hot pot. You don’t have to cook anything at your table or anything, it is all cooked and ready to eat when it is served. But be warned, your personal hot pot will come to your table boiling hot. So, watch your tongue and be sure to cool it before burning your innards.

Menu at Tina’s Noodle Kitchen at The Glen

I have visited this restaurant several times. It’s always great to dig into a hot, satisfying bowl of noodle soup. Tina’s Noodle Kitchen at The Glen offers a range of soup bases and toppings. All the soup bases are very tasty and flavorsome and all the toppings/ingredients are very generous. Even if its not on the menu, you can pretty much assume that each topping can go with any of their soup bases, e.g. thick stock soup, spicy soup, pickled chili soup and tomato soup. Toppings include braised beef, fish balls, lamb slices, fish fillets, pork trotters, pork liver, pork chittering, etc.

The way they cook the noodles is really impressive. They heat up the stone hot pot and cook it at their counter. When you watch them cook it, you can see they really do chuck in a whole lot of toppings/ingredients. It’s looks ruthless in the way they do it, but it’s great for the customer looking to get value for their buck.

Chili Blood Curd Combination in Spicy Soup at Tina’s Noodle Kitchen at The Glen

We ordered the Chili Blood Curd Combination in Spicy Soup for AUD$16.80, which came with bean curd, mushrooms, quail egg, beef slices, bamboo shoots, luncheon meat, ham, fungi, fried chickpeas, pig’s blood and etc. The soup was bubbling on arrival and super spicy. (I was definitely working up a sweat trying to finish this, and in the end I did completely finish this bowl by myself.)

We also ordered the Stewed Pork Balls for $16.80, which came with big pork meatballs, fried pork sticks, quail egg, bean curd sheets, tomato, luncheon meat, ham, fungi, tofu, fried chickpeas and etc. The soup was really tasty and had a great flavor. (You should eat the fried pork sticks quick before they get soggy.)

Stewed Pork Balls Tina’s Noodle Kitchen at The Glen

If you are looking for great value and want to try something tasty or new, you should give Tina’s Noodle Kitchen a go. They also have outlets in the Melbourne CBD and elsewhere around Melbourne.

Tina’s Noodle Kitchen is located in the precinct at The Glen Shopping Centre is located at 235 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150:

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