Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Marina Bay, Singapore – a stunning view of the bay and gardens and just luxury overall


If you want the pinnacle of luxury in Singapore, it feels like you need to spend a night at Marina Bay Sands. It’s an all in one mega integrated resort with its own hotel, casino, shopping center, museums, high and low end restaurants, garden, theatre and heaps and heaps of things to do. I booked my stay at the hotel back in 2017/2018 and loved it. It was beyond spectacular in what I experienced up to that point. Staying at this hotel feels like ticking off a life achievement in itself and among friends, its always the one to talk about and recommend when visiting Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands on the outside is easy to spot. It looks like three huge towers with a giant spaceship at the top. This construction is inspired by decks of cards, which may explain why there is a casino attached to this iconic building. Marina Bay Sands can easily be reached by public transport.

While ordinary people can travel to the top of the towers to get a good glimpse of the city. I think the best view is reserved for people staying at the hotel, who have access to the hotel’s famous infinity pool. While having a swim, you can catch a glimpse of the whole city during the day or at night. If you take a photo with the city in the background, it will look like the water has fallen off the edge.

The rooms are spacious. Although it is raining, on a good day you can see Gardens by the Bay all lit up in all its glory

The hotel reception is extravagant. There is so much to see and witness. The high ceilings, the decorative elements and the spaciousness of everything. More than that, just seeing so many very well off people from all across the world congregate in an area. You feel like you are in a different world.

When we got our keys to our room. We were blown away.

The curtains at the other end of the room opened automatically. All the lights just flicked on. We just marveled at how spacious our room was and by the fact that we had so many little compartments to store our belongings. I was just in awe.

There was a sofa to tuck into a book or magazine, bottles of water and heaps of things in the amenity fridge and drawers (all incur a charge), cable television, an office desk and heaps of interesting, fancy lights.

The bathroom was large and memorable. I vividly remember the water coming from the shower head when I was having a shower. It was little pins gently landing on the body. It was such a great reinvigorating feeling.

Best thing was being able to visit the top floor and enjoy the infinity pool and hot tub at the hotel. The infinity stretches the length of the three hotel towers. There are different types of pools, but all of them have the infinity pool effect. You can get a real good view of the city from the pool and it wouldn’t hurt to get a photo here with your better half.

If you want to do a little more, you have the entire Marina Bay Sands complex available to you. Instead of eating at the hotel, we opted to visit a few celebrity chef restaurants during our stay.

Overall, we were just blown away by how surreal this how experience and journey was.

I remember we booked on and paid around AUD$480 for one night around New Years Eve. It was such a great experience and so worth it.

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