The Black Toro – Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia – a non-Asian restaurant that serves really nice, modern Mexican food


The main road Kingways in Glen Waverley is lined with restaurants and it’s pretty much universally Asian or Asian-inspired restaurants. But there is a restaurant that stands out. It’s this unique modern Mexican restaurant, The Black Toro. It’s prominent black painted walls and white lettering for the restaurant’s name stands out with what looks to be a very clean, modern feel against the usually busy and casual looking Asian restaurants around it with lots of signs and things.

According to The Black Toro’s website:

The Black Toro has been a crowd favourite serving Modern Mexican food to happy diners.

The Black Toro first opened its doors in Glen Waverley in July 2012., aiming to provide a higher level of dining in the heart of the already bustling Kingsway dining precinct.

Bookings are recommended, however we leave space for walk-ins, we’d love to see you!

On the day, even though we reserved a table, we were seated outside on the streets. It would have been nicer to sit inside. (I have sat inside on other occasions, but I was attending with mature colleagues and they weren’t happy to be sitting in the cold.)

We went with their Feed Me + Sweets menu which was AUD$68 per person. I thought it was a tad expensive for everything we ended up getting. I think for something that ended up being over $200, we would have been better off buying each dish on an individual basis because despite many of the serving sizes being 2 pieces I thought everything we got, including the dessert was on the smaller side.

For example we were given as part of our starters Pulled Pork Taco (2 pcs for $16), Jalapeno and Cheese Croquette (2 pcs for $10) and Grilled Corn (2 pcs for $12). The Pulled Pork Taco was the most interesting of the trio as we were given a lime wedge to squeeze over the soft taco. The filling was nice, but it made a little mess because the meat juice was very soupy.

As part of the starters, we were also served Tempura Fish Taco which had a nice battered fish. It was a nice combination of soft and crispy batter.

For our mains, we were just served the Crispy Pork Hock and Coconut Rice. The Coconut Rice was nice and coconutty, while the Crispy Pork Hock had a nice crispy skin and almost falling off the bone pork meat. It came with a sticky sauce and cucumber. Although it was nice and crispy, it was probably a bit too fatty for my liking and greasy. I normally like these types of dishes, but I wasn’t too thrilled by it.

For dessert, we were served some ice-cream, churro and their Tres Leches Cake. Their Tres Leches Cake is my favorite dessert, because I love the sweet soaked sponge. It tastes like condensed milk cake (which it probably is) and it’s so tasty and a great way to finish a meal. It is a sponge soaked in 3 milks and comes with whipped coconut, dulce de leche (caramel) and strawberries. For three people, it was disappointing since we didn’t get a full serving of any of the desserts. It was all shared. When I normally order the Tres Leches Cake, I normally get a proper full slice for $15.

My verdict is that you should just avoid the Feed Me menu, because you can get a lot more value just ordering what you want from the menu. Plus, you won’t have to share dessert on the same serving board with your companions.

Our dessert at The Black Toro with their Tres Leches Cake and Churro and Ice-cream

I have also tried their other dishes like their Guacamole with roasted tomato salsa and crisp tortilla chips (for $10). The food is nice and all and its definitely a great place to eat when you aren’t feeling like Asian food.

The Black Toro is located at 79 Kingsway, Glen Waverley VIC 3150:

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