Q Barbeque – Springvale, Melbourne, Australia – really delicious smoked brisket and other meats at this unconventional location with its odd set up


Springvale is now home to a really good smoked bbq joint in a very unconventional location. It’s bright pink food truck stands out at the crazy Princes Highway and Springvale Road intersection, but the question is how do you get there and is their food any good? Well, I will answer both below.

There are other Q Barbeque joints in other locations, but the Springvale location only opened in late 2021 in a prime location at probably the busiest intersection in south-east Melbourne. There is car parking on site and on the side streets, but the car parking on site looks underdeveloped and the side streets are just your typical neighborhood side streets. If you try to drive in from Centre Road, you will be very disappointed as there is no entrance from Centre Road. The best way to drive onto the site (which is at the rear of the restaurant and hard to spot) would be from either Springvale Road or Young Street. The alternative is to park across the road at the Coles and Spotlight carpark and walk across, but there wasn’t a reason to park far away when I visited on Friday night thanks to the plentiful neighborhood side street parking.

The menu isn’t huge, but it doesn’t need to be. It has some really delicious options and I highly recommend trying their Brisket (AUD$22, which like all their smoked meat comes with Fries, Bama-Slaw and Q-BBQ Sauce), their Pulled Pork ($22) and their Beef Short Rib ($28).

The Brisket has a really nice peppery, salty and fresh basting that enriches the meat’s skin. It is a must try meat if you like beef and want something delicious and new to the palette. On the day, I thought this is not your typical dry brisket. The Pulled Pork was cooked really well with that sort of melt-in-your mouth texture, but you don’t get a big serving of it. My disappointment lay with the Mac And 3 Cheese, which didn’t have much flavor and was pretty ordinary.

If you want to eat more and/or try more things, you can order a platter starting from a Q Platter for 1 for $29 which has Wagyu Brisket 100g, Pulled Pork 100g, 1 Smoked-Fried Wing and 1 Jalapeno & Cheese Sausage. I ordered one of these and added a whole bunch of extra meats like their brisket for $9.5, pulled pork for $8.

If you are dining in, you order using the QR code on the table and there are plenty more options that allow you to add any optional extras like extra meat and sides. You can pretty much make your own platter if you aren’t happy with the set options on the menu. They also have snack packs, burgers, loaded fries, and a range of craft beers as well.

The décor and restaurant set-up seem very underdeveloped at the site, but the dining area and main areas have been decked out just enough. There is onsite music and it sort of feels like a street fest in a way and definitely geared to a younger audience. Also, don’t let the décor disappoint you, go for the food.

Q Barbeque is located at 2/10 Springvale Road, Springvale VIC 3171:

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