Agha Juice Centre – Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia – the most popular afternoon and evening drinks venue in Dandenong and its Afghan and really, really good


Each night, particular Friday to Sunday nights, this drinks venue always has a queue. If you are around, I recommend ordering their famous Falooda or even just their other drinks and ice-cream. The drinks are excellent and taste fantastic. You won’t regret it ordering things like their Falooda and Pistachio Milkshake.

I had their famous Falooda, which is an Indian-inspired drink, which contains pieces of watermelon, various nuts (pistachios and almond), vanilla ice-cream, rose syrup and the vermicelli noodles. The vermicelli noodles seem like an odd addition, but trust me the whole package is just incredible. The top layer is a densely packed vanilla ice-cream topped with watermelon and crunchy nuts and at the bottom is a sweet rose flavored drink. You can mixed the top and the bottom, but my preference is to work my way down. On my first outing, I was so surprised by how good this drink was that it became one of my favorite drinks. It is totally worth the AUD$6.

Agha Juice Centre menu with ice-cream, milkshakes and juices on offer

The other drink I would highly recommend is their Pistachio Milkshake for $7. It contains pieces of the nut and is mixed in with ice-cream, milk and maybe yoghurt. It’s like drinking ice-cream and getting the occasional crunchy nut. It’s really, really good. A lot of people order this drink.

Cashew Milkshake at Agha Juice Centre

I have also tried their Cashew Milkshake for $6. That’s has a good flavor, but I think the Pistachio Milkshake has the edge in flavor and texture.

Pistachio Milkshake at Agha Juice Centre

Dandenong has slowly built its reputation around really good Afghan restaurants and I’m hoping that flourishes. Afghan food like their kebabs, rice and breads are so delicious. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this area. But if you are in the area, you can see what all the rave is about and order one of their drinks. The service is usually very quick and efficient.

Agha Juice Centre is located on the main road in Dandenong at 367 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong VIC 3175

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