Yo My Goodness (YoMG) at Fountain Gate – Narre Warren, Melbourne, Australia – want some burgers and a side of frozen yoghurt?


As at 2021, Westfield Fountain Gate is the second largest shopping center in Australia. Unlike Chadstone which has many restaurants, Fountain Gate seems to have fewer but more chain-type restaurants. One such, though it’s good whereever you go, is YoMG (or Yo My Goodness) a burger chain with a great selection of frozen yoghurt and tasty burgers. The burgers are yummy and the frozen yoghurt shakes are awesome!

Care for some frozen yoghurt? You can order as a drink or self serve and pay for its weight at YoMG Fountain Gate

I recommend giving their shakes a go. They are awesome and offer a slightly texture to thick shakes. We ordered the White Chocolate and Raspberry Deluxe Shake for AUD$8. I loved the Raspberry jam-thing in the cup.

The whole restaurant is newish. It’s also quite spacious and contemporary. The service was great and we even had our meal brought out to us at our table.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Deluxe Shake at YoMG Fountain Gate

We got the True Blue and Howler burgers along with some curly fries (these seems to have been taken off the menu now). Both were beef burgers. The True Blue had egg, bacon and beetroot. The Howler had jalapenos and the usual suspects.

The burgers are around $11 to $19. Fries and drinks are extra. You can help yourself to water if you want, which is complimentary.

Our burgers with curly fries at YoMG Fountain Gate

YoMG is located at Westfield Fountain Gate at 352 Princes Highway, Narre Warren VIC 3805

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