Laksa King – Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia – next to the train station and offers great curry laksa


Near Glen Waverley Station is this popular Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant, Laksa King. It’s laksa noodle soup dishes are delicious and I’d equally say their other dishes are cooked very well. The Curry Laksa is a no nonsense, delicious dish that will leave you satisfied.

Chicken Laksa with tofu and eggplant for $13 at Laksa King

The service is usually excellent. I’m usually served by a very talkative and kind older gentleman, whom I think is the owner. He will usually sit us down and tell us the specials as well as providing water and other tableware.

I normally order their laksa, but on the day I also had their special menu item the Beef Brisket on Dry Noodles. This dish came with a side of soup and chili paste sauce. The noodles were soaked in the delicious beef gravy and the brisket came with tendon. The beef was deliciously soft and tender.

With the laksa, you can choose different toppings or just stick with the standard. The soup is a mix of rich prawn stock with chili and coconut cream. We ended up with their basic Chicken Curry Laksa for AUD$13. You can even go for their Seafood Curry Laksa for $17.50.

A special dish, beef brisket with tendon on egg noodles with soup and chilli paste sauce at Laksa King

While it may be bad thing to increase costs on Sundays and public holidays by 10% (the surcharge is not unusual on public holidays in Glen Waverley). It is explained that the increased costs go towards paying the staff, which is fair enough and one that I am sympathetic towards. I hope you are happy to support this restaurant and it’s hard-working staff.

Laksa King is located near Glen Waverley Station at 51 Kingsway, Glen Waverley VIC 3150:

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