Lan Sen Noodle Bar – Springvale, Melbourne, Australia – look out for this hidden restaurant that does great Thai cuisine


Tucked in an alleyway in Springvale is this hidden Thai restaurant. It doesn’t stand out much. In fact, it’s quite a tiny store and there isn’t much space for seating, but it serves some incredibly delicious Thai dishes like curries, fried rice, noodle soups, stir fries and salads. I am always impressed by whatever I order at this establishment.

Their boat noodle is pretty unique in that the soup has small pieces of pig’s blood jelly. You don’t need to be turned off by it, because it does add a great texture to the soup. If you have ever tried Thai, Cambodian or Vietnamese cuisine, you know how tasty the blood jelly is. Their boat noodle is probably the dish to try.

Sukhothai Style Noodle at Lan Sen Noodle Bar

On one occasion, we ordered their Sukhothai Style Noodle for AUD$13. This noodle soup has pork mince, pork balls, peanut, crispy wonton skins and fish cake slices. The soup is umami rich with plenty of delicious toppings. The noodle soup is a delicious package. It’s very slurp-able and satisfying. By the time I finish the soup, I scoop a few spoonful of the soup to eat the mince and the pork balls. Yum!

The Fried Rice can come with different meats like pork or beef. It comes with cucumber, slice of lemon and a side of soup for $15. The fried rice was hearty and put together well with the various Thai spices all playing their roles to create that salty, sour, sweet and umami taste. If you want more taste, the restaurant offers pickled chili, chili powder and other sauces.

Fried Rice with Chicken and Egg and Soup at Lan Sen Noodle Bar

The restaurant is cozy, but has everything you need if you are visiting with a family. We were provided a high chair, water and Thai sauces/condiments. This establishment also accepts credit card payments and does really good takeaway if you decide to take it back home.

If you want great Thai cuisine and you are in Springvale in Melbourne’s south east, look at for this hidden restaurant.

Lan Sen Noodle Bar is located at 38A Queens Avenue, Springvale VIC 3171:

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