Yokozuna: Ramen Experts at Chadstone Shopping Centre – Malvern East, Melbourne, Australia – you should try their sauce ramen because it’s really tasty


Visiting Chadstone Shopping Centre can be like a maze, but at least you might bump into a nice restaurant from time to time. I’ve been visiting Yokozuna for a number of years and it’s always the go-to place if we are not sure what we want. Yokozuna has something for everyone.

Yokozuna is found on the ground floor and is close to many Asian groceries stores. If you see Baby Bunting, you just need to go up the escalators.

Yokozuna is usually a popular, crowded restaurant. People come for dine-in, takeaway or just to grab one of their many desserts at the window such as their soft serve, such as the Green Tea soft serve for AUD$3.20, their parfaits like their Yokozuna Parfair for $6.90 and their drinks like their Matcha Latte for $5.90. If I do come for their desserts, their soft serves are usually the choice. If you do get anything else, I would add a note that I haven’t been a big fan of their mochi and red bean toppings because it’s usually not properly prepared.

If you are dining in, there are plenty of Japanese style cuisines to choose from including ramen (with soup or dry ramen with their specialty sauce – Sauce Ramen), curries, rice donburi, bento, salads and their gozen (which is just a bento big with more things). If you don’t know what to get, I recommend just getting their Sauce Ramen like their Chicken Karaage Sauce Ramen for $15.50.

The Chicken Karaage Sauce Ramen is a great dish. The noodles are lathered with a sweet teriyaki like soy sauce with kewpie mayonnaise and chili oil. So you get this really fragrant and caramelized flavor with each bite. It’s my go to dish if I am struggling to decide what to get. It’s pretty much ramen without the soup.

I do not normally go for Yokozuna’s ramen soup options, but they are generally alright but nothing to write home about.

Chicken Karaage Sauce Ramen at Yokozuna: Ramen Expert

I remember when their menu was more different where there was a bigger focus on the ramen soup options in the past. But now there seems to be a bigger emphasis on their more successful dishes like their Sauce Ramen, Gozen and Desserts. It’s always better to go for their specialties than their okay dishes.

We have also tried their Salmon Gozen which came with assorted seafood and vegetable tempura, sashimi, vegetables, teriyaki salmon, rice and miso soup. Interestingly the tempura also included a soft shell crab which was a nice addition to the meal. I think it is an excellent box of goodies for anyone who just wants to try a bit of everything. It’s also incredibly filling.

Salmon Gozen at Yokozuna: Ramen Expert

If you finish, you can grab their desserts on the go since they usually serve them in takeaway cups even if you are dining in.

Yokozuna: Ramen Experts is located on the ground floor within the shopping complex and is near all the grocery stores. Chadstone Shopping Centre is located at 1341 Dandenong Road, Malvern East, Victoria 3145, Australia

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