Jamface by Poh at Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers’ Market – Wayville, South Australia – Master Chef Australia’s original favourite offers delicious treats and pastries


One of our first stops in Adelaide was Jamface. As we were driving around Adelaide and having no sense of where we were, we put the Adelaide Showgrounds into Google Maps and realized then and there that its not a perfect app. Unfortunately, it directed us to the wrong side of the road and we spent awhile trying to work out where it was, but in the end and by the end of the days things only started looking up from then on.

When you arrive at the Adelaide Showgrounds, the Adelaide Farmers’ Market is obscure from sight. You just have to head towards the long building on the other side of the large carpark. Essentially, the market is on the side of the Ferris Wheel and you just have to keep walking further in until you spot the hustle and bustle.

On arriving at the Adelaide Farmers Market, we knew we needed to visit Jamface which is Poh Ling Yeow’s pop up store. She was the runner up in the first season of Master Chef Australia and was a favorite to win that season. (She was definitely my favorite to win.) Though she didn’t win in the end, many viewers felt that she was the better cook of the two finalists and that there were potentially underlying why the producers wanted the other contestant, who is a great cook in her own right, to win. Nevertheless, Poh has done well following her time on Master Chef Australia and so we were very excited to try Poh’s pastries and treats for the first time.

There was plenty of parking at the Adelaide Showgrounds (where the market is located). Parking for first half hour is free, up to two hours is AUD$5 and all day is $11.

The tent at Jamface by Poh at the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market

The Adelaide Farmers’ Market has heaps of places to eat and also things to buy. It’s a place for the local to get their groceries for the week from vegetables and fruits to alpaca meat (yes, alpaca meat) and to try some delicious food at the same time. It was a good mix of groceries and food stalls. While we were busy looking at food stalls, we saw lots of people purchase basketful of cheap and fresh-looking groceries.

A better view of the treats at Jamface by Poh at Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market

The market is open from 8 am to 12:30 pm and is only open on Sunday.

We visited Jamface, which is outside the main building and is in its own little corner. We were delighted by the selection of cakes and other treats at really reasonable prices. We also made sure to order one of her specialty pies. My wife got a little giddy when she spotted Poh working really hard pipping cream into desserts and preparing all sorts of things. (At that point, I knew my wife wanted a photo before we left.)

For dessert, on offer were things like Matcha and White Chocolate and Lychee Sponge for $6.60, Lemon Melting Moments (Biscuit) for $3.30, Double Choc Walnut Brownies for $5.50, Peanut Cookies for $3.30, Vanilla Custard Tart for $6.60, etc. I know if you went elsewhere, these sorts of treats would be a whole lot more expensive and not as tasty. So, order as much as you can and tip generously.

Some cakes and other treats at affordable prices at Jamface by Poh at Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market

Best of all, we had a photo with Poh, who was absolutely stunning and very friendly. I think she knows when people seek her that they are wanting a photo. But she handles them very professionally and was sweet about it all.

In all the excitement of taking my photo, I dropped my Spiced Chicken Pie and Poh was nice enough to give me another. (She has a tremendous heart and if you are in the area, I highly recommend visiting and giving her your support. A lot of her things are very reasonably priced and they are delicious.)

Some unique pies on offer at Jamface by Poh at Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market

The pies were shaped liked a hot pocket, though still flakey and crispy on both top and bottom like a normal pie. The filling are to-die-for. It was oozing with delicious sauce, meat and vegetables.

Care for some jam or pickled vegetables at Jamface by Poh at Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market

At the stall, you can also pick up some Bread and Better Pickles for $10 and Strawberry and Apricot Jams for $8.80.

Equally you can order a nice hot drinks and also view Poh’s other talent, drawing. She has a lot of beautiful, expressive drawings on display and around her stall. It’s a fascinating stall and highly recommend a visit.

My spiced chicken pie from Jamface by Poh at Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market

My luck didn’t end, when I was about to leave I couldn’t find my ticket at the gate, so one of the security people saw me struggling and just let me out without me having to pay. I was very lucky that day.

Jamface by Poh at Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market is located at Rose Terrace, Wayville SA 5034:

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