Dashichazuke En (Japanese Soup Tea Rice) at Shin-Osaka Station – Osaka, Japan – worth the experience while you wait for your Shinkansen


Shin Osaka’s Eki-Marche has a few restaurants and shops to keep you busy while you wait for the next Shinkansen (or bullet train). I’ve been to this place twice and love the experience of having dashi broth and tea soup poured over rice. It’s actually a really good combination and reminds me of the famous Bak Kuh Teh (pork tea soup) dish in Singaporean and Malaysian cuisines. The place is called Dashichazuke En and it has its own seating and tables, but it isn’t very big.

Dashichazuke En at Eki Marche within Shin-Osaka Station

If you arrive by train, you will need to make your way passed the ticket gates and head towards the Eki Marche area. It’s very well sign-posted throughout Shin-Osaka Station.

Grab a seat then select your set meal which ranges from 700 yen to 1,100 yen. Your meals are brought to the table. You get a bowl of rice with your choice of topping, some pickled vegetables and other condiments. You even get a cup of tea as well.

My bowl before adding the tea soup

The soup is a savory flavor with strong umami and salty tastes. You won’t taste any of the bitterness that normally accompanies teas. When you add the soup to the rice, it enhances the flavor of the rice and the toppings. What I really like is that the soup is pipping hot and so it adds an extra layer of depth and heat to the rice and toppings. It’s really tasty, comfort food.

After finishing my bowl, I felt very content and not at all groggy.

My bowl after adding the tea soup

Dashichazuke En is found in the Eki Marche area at Shin-Osaka Station. If you travel to Osaka from any of the other major cities via Shinkansen, you will definitely come across this restaurant:

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