Scoopy Milk Bar – Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia – a new store has opened up in an upstairs locale on busy Kingways in Glen Waverley, so prepare to eat some cool, sweet Korean bingsu


My very first introduction to Scoopy Milk Bar was when it was part of the short lived HWKR and during the Noodle Night Market near Federation Square. I fell in love with this Korean dessert, bingsu. It’s so good. It’s sweet, but it’s done with all the right ingredients and is something that you can share with your better half.

Scoopy Milk Bar has opened a new location and it’s now in Glen Waverley, the home of modern Asian cuisine. You can find it upstairs to Bon & Chicken on Kingsway. The décor is modern and the ordering and payment is all done using their QR system.

We ordered our bingsu using their QR code and paid with our credit card. The ordering process was pretty seamless and not long after making our order, someone brought over a tray with our bingsu.

There are several bingsu to choose from:

  • Honey Dew
  • Royal Taro
  • Sunny Mango
  • Mai Thai Times
  • Hoji Yama
  • Milky Brew
  • Berry Peak
  • Matcha Bonsai
  • Vegan
This is our Regular size Hoji Yama Bingsu at Scoopy Milk Bar in Glen Waverley

There are three sizes to choose from, small AUD$9.60, Regular $14.50 and Friends $16.80. You can also add whatever extras you want like pieces of honeydew and watermelon for $2.50, whipped cream for $2, peaches for $1.50, taro mochi for $1.20, red bean mochi for $1.20, and so much more.

We ordered the Hoji Yama Bingsu, which is roasted green tea flavor. It came with plenty of interesting sweets, including fresh peaches, bubble tea mochi, tapioca pearls, peach popping pearls, lychee jelly, shaved ice, roasted sliced almond and topped with whipped cream. This came with a dish of condensed milk, which you can pour over the top of the dessert. It’s no secret that this is a really sweet dessert, but it is really good. There are a lot of gooey textures from mochi, jelly and crunchy almonds slices. Whenever I eat a bingsu, I always share one with my better half.

I loved the flavor of the shaved ice as well. Scoopy Milk Bar do a great job making it very flavorsome.

This place only does dessert, but from what I can tell, it is sure to be very popular among the locals.

Scoopy Milk Bar is located at upstairs to Bon & Chicken at 91A Kingsway, Glen Waverley VIC 3150:

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