Tungthit Sizzling Steak – Springvale, Melbourne, Australia – steak and Vietnamese pho combined in this modern take on a traditional dish


Springvale is home to a lot of Vietnamese restaurants and therefore competition is fierce. Restaurants really need to bring something unique to the table or just be really good at what they do. Taking a more unique spin is Tungthit Sizzling Steak which is located within the Springvale Central shopping complex. Here they do Vietnamese pho but their emphasis is steaks, so they offer steak pho and steak with stir fried noodles, etc. Having now tried this restaurant, I think the steaks are pretty decent and having steak with Vietnamese noodles is workable. It’s definitely more expensive than the typical restaurant in Springvale, but you are getting a decent piece of meat with your meal.

I think this kind of restaurant has its advantages and disadvantages. I think the disadvantages with these restaurants is that Springvale’s prices don’t normally go above $15. You won’t find many mains here for under AU$20. Plus the restaurant is located in an obscure location. The advantages are that there is practically no other steak restaurants in the area, there is a growing middle class in Springvale and the restaurant is modern, contemporary and refreshing.

The décor restaurant of the restaurant has more character and care than many other restaurants in Springvale. I like that the look and feel of the restaurant is forest-like with the wooden textures and plants throughout the restaurant.

The menu was very Western inspired with steaks being heavily featured along with chips, mushrooms, etc. But it clearly paid homage to Vietnamese cuisine with Steak Banh Mi for $14, Steak Pho starting from $16.50 with oyster blade steak, and stir fried rice noodles with steak starting from $19.50.

We ordered the Steak Pho with Scotch Fillet Steak and the Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Sirloin Wagyu.

The Steak Pho came with a bowl of rice noodles with soup. The rice noodle soup was fine, but wasn’t something that stood out. The steak was served in a separate sizzling hot plate. The steak was nicely seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with Vietnamese garnishes such as coriander, spring onion and onions. The steak was nice but probably a bit tougher than I preferred at sections, but otherwise really tasty and the standout.

Tungthit Sizzling Steak – Steak Pho with a bowl of noodle soup and a side of medium rare steak

The stir fried rice noodles were well seasoned as well as the meat. It was a simple dish to eat. I enjoyed this dish because it introduced some nice Vietnamese flavors with each bite of the steak and noodles.

Tungthit Sizzling Steak – fried rice noodles topped with medium rare steak

I enjoyed the stir fried rice noodles over the steak pho, but think that the steak pho is actually quite unique and I think most people would be happy with it.

It’s probably not everyday you think steak in Springvale, but at least there is a place to visit when you want some steak with your noodles. You can even order steak with fried eggs and other things without noodles. When it came to payment, we could only pay cash which is a tad annoying given we don’t always carry big notes.

Tungthit Sizzling Steak is located within the Springvale Central shopping complex at 268-274 Springvale Rd, Springvale VIC 3171:

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