Redback Chargill at Westfield Marion – Oaklands Park, Adelaide – a surprisingly tasty and delicious mix grill with sauce and meat on rice


I am not one for food courts as I have had some disappointing experiences trying food that have been sitting on a hot plate for awhile. If this was Asia, food courts would be the norm and you’d be seeing excellent choices all round. Think Thailand and Japan. But I was in Adelaide and had limited options. I was proved wrong in my initial impressions and now want to pay a shout out to Redback Chargill who served a tasty and delicious mix grill of pork, chicken and beef on rice that was aromatic and flavorsome. That dish really made my day. It was so good and want to recommend it.

Redback Chargill is found within the food court at Westfield Marion. We came looking for food before the lunch rush and was keen to try something different. This restaurant stood out for its odd combination of mixed meats and Vietnamese food. I wasn’t sure if it was the right combination.

Redback Chargill front counter

I opted for their mixed grill for AUD$14.50 which came with a choice of three different meats including Outback Grilled Chicken/Pork, Aussie Chicken/Pork, and a bunch of other grilled meat soaked in delicious sauce.

Some of the meats and other dishes on offer at Redback Chargill

My plate had a nice pillow of rice and was topped with some grilled onions. My first couple of mouthfuls blew me away with how tasty the meat, the sauce and the rice was. It was the perfect combination of food. I think the Aussie Chicken had some sort of satay cream flavor but it was a stand out. The best part was that some of the delicious sauce smoothened the rice at the base. Eating that rice was dreamy.

I finished that plate in no time. It was one of the best meals I’ve had visiting Adelaide and I’ll go for a round two if I could visit Adelaide again in the near future.

My mix grill with rice at Redback Chargill

The family behind the counter seem to be hardworking folk and they definitely put their pride into their food and so should you.

Redback Chargill is located in the Food Court within Westfield Marion is located at 297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park SA 5046

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