Minh Ky – Springvale South, Melbourne – a local favorite Vietnamese restaurant if you are in Springvale South


Minh Ky is a local favorite for people living in Springvale South. It has garnered its reputation through many, many years serving quality roast meat dishes and great dishes. There is some competition in the vicinity, but Minh Ky is probably the most busiest of all the restaurants.

Minh Ky is located in an alleyway and is obscure from the main roads. It can be hard to identify, but given its high foot traffic I am sure people can easily find it by following other people. This Springvale South establishment is also the restaurant’s initial establishment and there is another smaller restaurant located in Springvale’s central shopping district. Both offer quality food, but I still visit the Springvale South restaurant over the Springvale one.

Minh Ky’s Springvale South location is located in an obscure alley

The menu is a mix of Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. I find the quality of the dishes to be usually very good, but the quantity of meats and other prized elements in a dish to be on the inconsistent side. I’ve had great moments where I get a lot of roast meat and other days where I order a plate of roast meat to get just a sad serving of meat. I think it depends on the chef on the day.

The menu offers roast dishes with either rice or noodles, rice and noodles with different options, congee, and heaps of main dishes for sharing like garlic spinach and sweet and sour pork. The menu items tend to be more on the expensive side starting from AU$13 up.

Minh Ky’s Springvale South menu

I used to visit this establishment by myself from time to time and order their roast meat dishes with either rice or pork. All up, I have probably been here about 50+ times. I would usually enjoy it with their jasmine tea, their famous crispy chili oil, and their soup, which is usually a concoction of leftover ingredients yet very tasty. The soup is usually a random mix of pork, lotus and beans.

Minh Ky’s Roast Pork on Rice

Their roast pork is usually on the fattier side, but that’s how I like my roast pork. The skin is usually very crispy and I love eating it with their crispy chili oil. I am always very satisfied after finishing their crispy pork on rice dish and it’s my go to if I am struggling to work out what I want.

I have also tried their Cambodian Noodle Soup which has rice noodles, offal, prawns and pork meat. It is a nice dish, but not quite authentic in its choice of ingredients. (This is a Vietnamese restaurant after all. So I can forgive them.) The soup is peppery like Singaporean bak kut teh (which is usually my preference).

Minh Ky’s Cambodian Noodle Soup

Other dishes I recommend are their Lemon Chicken, Seafood or Combination Omelet on Rice, Beef Brisket with Noodles, and their Bun bo Hue. For me, this place is a trusted institution since I have visited so many times and equally it’s a great place for the family dinner.

Minh Ky is located in both Springvale and Springvale South. The Springvale South restaurant was its first establishment and can be found here: Shop 1A, 1 Mackay Street, Springvale South, Melbourne VIC 3172

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