Beerenberg Farm strawberry farm – Hahndorf, Adelaide – a beautiful farm to enjoy with the family not far from the famous German inspired settlement


If you like eating fresh strawberries or are looking for something to do, you can visit Beerenberg Farm where you can gorge on some strawberries in the field and enjoy some nice desserts and light meals at their café. Once you have finished your adventure, you are able to shop around for sauces and jams that carry the famous Beerenberg Farm label but can only be purchased at this farm.

If you are visiting Hahndorf for the day, you may as well enjoy some time at this farm which isn’t far from the main settlement. The main barn is where all the action is. You can purchase your entry tickets, learn about the farm’s history and see practically everything that the farm has to offer. There are a few of kid friendly attractions to keep them entertained.

Beerenberg Farm’s main barn is where you can find the cafe, pay to access the strawberry fields, and learn about the farm’s history

The entry fee to the strawberry fields is AUD$5 per adult and children under 12 are free. The fields change from time to time. We were directed across the road to a vast strawberry field where there was no sense there was limited pickings. Though, we did visit in the late morning.

You can eat the strawberries you pick in the field but you are also handed a box and that box is how you collect your strawberries. Be mindful that when it comes time to pay for the strawberries that you take home that it is $10.95 per kilo. We ended up with almost filled boxes, but not to the top and it set us back around $40.

The strawberries were very fresh and delicious. It’s not the variety you would find at your local grocery stores like Coles or Woolworths.

You can also purchase all the sauces and jams that are unique to this farm like Mango, Chipotle, Blood Orange Marmalade sauces/jams which range from $4 to $7 per jar. I am particularly fond of their Peppercorn Sauce which has a good pepper kick and use it on my steaks.

Beerenberg Farm is located further than the main Hahndorf settlement at 2106 Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf South Australia 5245:

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