Xi’an Famous Foods – Clayton, Melbourne – be prepared to be surprised with cold chili noodles with sesame sauce, thick noodles with tomato and egg, and cumin beef with fried noodles


I am not certain if this Xi’an Famous Foods is connected with other restaurants sharing this name around the globe, but I am certain that there are at least two Xi’an Famous Foods in Melbourne. One in Clayton and the other in the city. I was introduced to Xi’an Famous Foods by a friend who was into the thick cut noodles that Xi’an cuisine is known for with its spicy, tart and sesame flavored all rolled into one.

Xi’an Famous Foods from Clayton Road

This restaurant can seem unassuming and its poor color scheme doesn’t exactly attract would-be diners. Putting that to one side, the food is incredible and it’s not to be missed. You’ll probably eat something at this restaurant that you have never tried anywhere else like cold noodles with sesame and chili oil, stewed meat in a bun, or even lamb meat noodles. Yes it is Chinese, but you won’t be seeing Lemon Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork or Wonton Soup here. It’s a cuisine less seen in Australia and it’s a shame.

The menu ranges from buns, fried skewers, noodles in soup or fried, and rice dishes. Unique are the lamb dishes, really tasty cold noodle dishes and delicious meat buns.

I tried to order a cold noodle on the day, but they ran out. So we went with their Fried Noodles with Cumin Beef for AUD$13.80 and their Trio Sauce Noodle for $14.80.

Xi’an Famous Foods – Fried Noodles with Cumin Beef

The fried noodles and beef were cooked well and the cumin flavor was unique to my palate. The Trio Sauce Noodle had three different toppings rolled into one. They were Qishan Style Pork, Tomato and Egg, and Spicy Hot Oil. All topped on thick noodles. It was a nice spicy, tart flavor. I was wowed by how nice this noodle dish was. At the time I thought, I’m glad I tried that today.

Xi’an Famous Foods – Three sauces with Qishan Style Pork, Tomato and Egg, and Spicy Hot Oil on thick noodles

Xi’an Famous Foods is located at 381 Clayton Road, Clayton, Melbourne:

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