Dragon Ball Super – Super Hero – 3 March 2022 – Piccolo shows off a new form and we can see teen Goten and Trunks


It looks the next film for Dragon Ball Super titled “Super Hero” which is coming to cinemas in Japan in April 2022 will be giving some characters in the Dragon Ball universe a makeover. These characters include teen Goten and Trunks, an older Pan, and a powered up Piccolo in a new yellow/green form. I have a feeling we my see few more familiar faces from Dragon Ball’s past and potentially a new form for Gohan.

The first Dragon Ball Super film managed to introduce Broly into the canon and was relatively subdued in that it followed the typical Dragon Ball storyline where Goku and Vegeta fight a strong enemy and manage to win. The film was much needed because it reintroduced a more interesting version of Broly and added some interesting history to the Dragon Ball universe such as Goku, Vegeta and Broly’s origin.

This second film already seems to be bringing in more new ideas in newly created, never seen before villains, giving characters other than Goku and Vegeta a chance to take the spotlight, and what seems to be a fresh storyline. I just hope the film doesn’t give Goku, Vegeta nor Broly (who are all in the film) the chance to steal the spotlight, because it would be great if Piccolo and Gohan could star for once.

A new visual showing a new form for Piccolo and Gohan fighting Gamma #1 and #2

The latest trailers show that Dr Hedo, the little genius, escaping from prison and resurrecting the Red Ribbon Army. He seems to have created a mightier Red Ribbon Army with stronger androids in the form of Gamma #1 and Gamma #2 with the intent to destroy Goku and his friends. It seems at one point that Pan will be abducted and Gohan will have to come to the rescue. Where the story goes will be anyone’s guess, but I am excited for it.

A promotional film poster showing the main cast along with teen Goten and Trunks

You can catch the latest trailer for the film below:

The latest trailer to the Dragon Ball Super – Super Hero showing a new form for Piccolo

While I am happy to watch it in the Japanese dub, I want to watch it in the English dub since I grew up with the English dub since 2001.

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