Rock Kung – Glen Waverley, Melbourne – the long established Cantonese restaurant with its well known Char Siu and delicious rice and noodle dishes


Rock Kung is everyone’s favorite Cantonese restaurant on Glen Waverley’s famed strip, Kingsway. This restaurant has been around since I was a youngster and has served the neighborhood well. It’s known for its roast meats, particularly its Char Siu, and just manages to do pretty much anything on its menu really well. If people want to eat nice Cantonese cuisine, I recommend Rock Kung and in many cases the feedback is “what a great suggestion!”

Rock Kung is your typical Cantonese restaurant where there is simply too much in the menu. (In this restaurant’s case, I have always been happy with whatever I order.) Cantonese cuisine is a mixture of traditional Chinese meals with Western influences, hence why you have things like Honey Chicken, Fried Rice and any beef dishes.

Dining in at Rock Kung means you get a basket of prawn crackers and you can pay for some Jasmine Tea to be added to the table

Like most mid-upper range Cantonese restaurants, you will be served prawn crackers and have the option to have Chinese tea (it’s jasmine).

When choosing dishes, think share dishes. Nothing is worse than seeing a group of people ordering a AU$20 to $25 dish and eating it by themselves. All dishes at this restaurant are designed to be eaten with family and friends. To look like you know what you are doing, order enough dishes to feed the table and not everyone needs to be assigned a dish. So order one rice or noodle dish and up to 2 main dishes for a table of 4 people.

For your carbs, I recommend their Yuan Ying Fried Rice for AU$18, Fujian Fried Rice $18 or Rock Kung Combination Fried Noodles for $17.80 (which is meat and vegetables in gravy on crispy noodles).

The Yuan Ying Fried Rice will definitely excite you with its half béchamel sauce, prawn and pea sauce and other half tomato sauce, egg and pork over fried rice. It is a really tasty dish and my go to.

The Fujian Fried Rice is topped with meat, seafood and vegetables in a delicious umami gravy over fried rice. It’s a great dish thanks to its mix of seafood and meat flavor. The meat and gravy make it unique for a fried rice dish.

I always recommend their Char Siu, which is barbecue roast pork. It is probably their best roast meat dish. Char Siu can be inconsistent from day to day, but I find that on average it can be extremely good to very good. Their Char Siu has an excellent caramelized texture and is melt in the mouth good. It goes really well with their chili oil sauce, which you can ask for when ordering.

The service at Rock Kung can be hit and miss and most people wouldn’t come to these sorts of establishments expecting excellent service. I’ve had times when the server was just outright pushy and other times when the server goes out of the way to be polite and helpful. It depends on the person, and I now know who to look out for. Same with chefs. Not all chefs are good, but you start to work it out if you visit enough times.

I also found Rock Kung’s takeaway to be excellent as well. One of my favorite takeaway dishes is their pickled meat and fried noodles. It is so good and its great value.

The restaurant tends to be busy during Friday and the weekend. I tend to visit without reservation, but I have experienced times when I couldn’t get a seat because it was so busy.

Rock Kung is located on the famous Kingsway in Glen Waverley at 101 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150:

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