Minotaur Entertainment – Melbourne – this well established pop culture merchandise store has moved locations and still remain the best for comic and manga fans


Minotaur with its distinguishing purple and white sign moved locations in 2021 from its long established dungeon on Elizabeth Street to a another location on Little Collins. Little Collins is a pretty quiet alleyway, but thanks to Minotaur’s already established reputation for selling all things pop culture, it’s bound to bring some foot traffic back to this dying location.

The new window front for Minotaur on Little Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD

One of the more notable improvements is the amount of window space at the new location. It means more merchandise on display and a better glimpse of the type of store this is. You can pretty much see all the new things on sale without walking in. Plus, they now occupy two proper floors.

Minotaur sells all kinds of pop culture merchandise from the United Kingdom and the United States, including comic books, figurines, blu ray, manga, plushes, collectors items, wall scrolls, T-shirts and clothing accessories, trading cards, and heaps of potential gift ideas. It sells all the popular franchises from Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, Transformers, Simpsons to Dragon Ball, One Piece, Gundam, Pokemon and other hit anime. If it’s popular on television, film or even on social media, you are bound to find something at Minotaur.

While Minotaur probably has everything you want and can be a great place to find hidden gems, the prices you pay can be more expensive than other retail stores. That being said, you can find bargains from time to time and they do have a clearance table.

Once all is said, I used to shop here frequently when I was young because it sold physical Shonen Jump magazines (imported from the United States), manga (thanks to its sizable manga collection), wall scrolls (the official versions) and trading cards. It’s a great place to get ideas and if you are short on time, I would just visit and buy what I think is good.

Minotaur Entertainment has moved from its long established location to the alleyways of Melbourne, but with a proper window front at 264 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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