Soup Restaurant at VivoCity – Singapore – a top rated restaurant with an amazing ginger chicken dish after a trip to Sentosa Island


Soup Restaurant has been around for a long time in VivoCity on the Harbourfront, Singapore. After visiting Sentosa Island for the morning, we met friends and had lunch here. We had our tables pre-booked and we managed to get the table overseeing the beautiful harbor.

If you order anything at Soup Restaurant, be sure to order one of their soups and a plate of their famous Samsui Ginger Chicken. This chicken is steamed cooked and has a great chicken aroma and taste. The cucumbers make the dish refreshing and the ginger oil sauce adds that necessary saltiness.

Soup Restaurant in VivoCity

We ordered quite a feast on our visit. We hadn’t eaten that morning and were keen for some nice Chinese food.

It was definitely interesting to see all the food come as they were cooked. The top dish that caught our eyes was the ginger chicken which was presented wonderfully on the plate with the ginger oil sauce in the middle.

Soup Restaurant’s Samsui Ginger Chicken

We had tea for the table (which was oddly served in glass cups). We ordered soup with lotus (which I think was their traditional boiled soup), fried rice, steamed egg, their ginger chicken, rice noodles and Chinese spinach. The table had a bit of everything.

Soup Restaurant’s Chinese Spinach with Chili and Garlic Sauce

We were really satisfied with pretty much everything. We definitely thought the soup was excellent and the ginger chicken was well worth it. We had good service and hospitality on the day. I left the restaurant thinking that I’d love to come again with people.

Our table with soup and a whole bunch of dishes at Soup Restaurant

The prices seemed reasonable at the mid-range and weren’t too expensive. Our table clocked in over SGD$100.

Soup Restaurant is located within VivoCity at 1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-141, Singapore 098585:

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