Kingdom Hearts 4 – 10 April 2022 – Kingdom Hearts 4 and more has been announced


Some awesome news for Kingdom Hearts fans. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the best franchises out there, on 10 April 2022, Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts 4 and several other Kingdom Hearts games are coming to iOS and Android.

Sora in Kingdom Hearts 4 looks so realistic

Two mobile games for iOS and Android were announced. Kingdom Hearts Union Dark Road will be based on young Xehanort with 2D gameplay, while Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is a 3D action role play playing game that looks to have Kingdom Hearts 3 inspired combat and random encounters.

The most impressive was the reveal for Kingdom Hearts 4. We are introduced to a photo realistic Sora waking up in an apartment in an alternate universe Tokyo called Quadratum. Things heat up pretty quickly in the trailer and we see a heartless invade this universe to an unsuspecting populous, while Sora dashes to the fray with his keyblade and ability to run up cityscapes. In the trailer, it seems his keyblade now comes equipped with a grappling hook for getting to tall places and he shows off some sick sliding moves while a building collapses.

It is a pretty cool trailer since it shows off the new visuals for the game, the battle system, and sets up the hype for what could be a really interesting journey. All we know is that Sora is in a new alternative universe based on real life Tokyo and he is likely back to saving the various worlds from destruction from whatever evils there are.

We get to see that the mysterious black cloaks are back and the return of Donald and Goofy, but can’t wait to see a fuller version of the game when it comes out.

From what we can see, here is a list of the games announced in the trailer:

  • Kingdom Hearts Union Dark Road for iOS and Android is coming August 2022
  • Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link for iOS and Android is has a closed beta test in 2022 in select regions
  • Kingdom Hearts IV (or Kingdom Hearts 4) has no other details other than its reveal, but will likely come to the Sony PlayStation 5

Check out the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 and the other games here:

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