Who should I vote for in Australia’s Federal Election 2022? Why corruption, cost of living, and the economy should be on the agenda, and why the mainstream media is lying to you


With Australians heading to the ballot boxes for the Federal Election to be held on Saturday, 21 May 2022, it is clear that this election has a lot riding on it for ordinary Australians. That’s why, it’s time that we send a message and vote out Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party, because ordinary Australians stand to lose a lot if Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party win the election in 2022, but can gain many opportunities if Labor wins.

Summary of what to do on election day

Unfortunately, this future is at jeopardy because the mainstream media made up of primarily News Corp and Nine are failing once again to deliver fair, unbiased reporting by giving the Liberal Party (Liberal/National Coalition) a free pass at every opportunity. Further, any chance of the other mainstream media the ABC, Channel 7 and Channel 10 providing fair coverage to Anthony Albanese (Albo) and the Labor Party is close to zero.

Labor must win the election in 2022 and that’s why you should vote for your Labor candidate. This is the last chance before it is too late. If you can’t vote Labor, then at the very least ensure that your Labor candidate is preference above the Liberal or National Party candidate. (Remember to number all the boxes and give your Labor candidate a “1” next to their name.)

Labor is better than the Liberals

Labor has already delivered on generational improvements to ordinary Australians and there is no doubt that Albo and Labor’s promises in this election on:

  • aged care
  • childcare
  • modernizing the electricity grid
  • further rollout of the National Broadband Network
  • actual support to small business
  • providing much needed changes to financial services law
  • introducing a proper national integrity commission
  • improving working conditions and support wage increases
  • and so much more,

will deliver and add to their impressive list of historic achievements. When you look at history, Labor introduced Medicare, universal superannuation, the National Broadband Network, built much needed school infrastructure during the GFC, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, increased the tax free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200 to help young Australians, and so much more. There is no doubt that an Albo-lead Labor government will be impressive and good to ordinary Australians.

On priorities, it is also worth noting that Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers has made it clear that Labor will put an end to the Liberal Party’s wasteful spending that have benefited their mates and donors at the expense of ordinary Australians. The number of projects and cash hand outs to Liberal Party mates and donors is staggering and this is on top of appointment of their mates and donors to cushy jobs with at least six figures. Instead, the wasteful spending could be spent on hospitals, age care, schools, infrastructure, renewables, technology and starts-up, and supporting businesses.

Ordinary Australians are people who broadly believe that hard work should be rewarded, that success is not determined at birth, that everyone is the same under the law, and that people in high office should be honest, decent and worthy of honor and respect.

Scott Morrison and the Liberals offer nothing after almost 10 years in power

For all the record spending and spiraling out of control debt during the almost 10 years in power, the Liberal Party have nothing to show for it. Absolutely nothing. The economy is in a terrible position, because our government is heavily in debt! A ridiculous sum of money has been spent, but it hasn’t gone to anything substantial nor meaningful and any money handed to you has purely been for vote buying purposes and would have been a fraction of what was handed out to their mates and donors. Remember that anything they hand out to ordinary Australians has to somehow benefit their mates and donors. That’s why the government is big on announcements, but you will never see any proper follow through or implementation. Think flood and drought relief.

(Just in case, for our overseas friends, there is nothing truly liberal about the Liberal Party of Australia since they represent mostly conservative elements of society.)

Here is a sample of the Liberal Party’s record:

Just the tip of the iceberg of Liberal Party rorts during their almost 10 years in power from September 2013

The Liberal Party lies and corruption

You probably know that Scott Morrison lies, but this habit of lying extends to his team. Almost every member of his cabinet has been caught out lying, but more importantly lying about where our money is being spent, think sports rort, the French submarine deal, paying $30 million for $3 million parcel of land, handing out money to their mates as part of JobKeeper, handing out cushy jobs to their mates, etc, etc. This is likely only the tip of the iceberg and only a proper federal integrity commission, which Labor promises to introduce, can root out the rest so that ordinary Australians know where the Liberal Party has sent our money.

Another term of the Liberal Party will mean more corruption and definitely an entrenchment of their corrupt behavior which will only become harder and harder to smash as it becomes the accepted norm. These parasites will get more powerful, while people who are not a Liberal Party mate or donor will find it harder and harder to get ahead. So let’s be smart and put this awful government to an end.

In Australia, wealthy oligarchs own the news: the news is bias and cannot be trusted

Unfortunately at times like this, the media are controlled by the Liberal Party’s mates and donors. There will be no proper reporting throughout this period, because their goal is to lie to you to brainwash you into voting for the Liberal Party against your own interests and future.

More air time does not mean fair coverage. There is nothing fair in the way that journalists and news presenters, particularly from News Corp and Nine, give air time to their own idiotic questions and gotcha moments that reinforce everything that is negative about Albo and the Labor Party. Instead of dealing with real issues like rising cost of living pressures and the horrific state of the economy, these journalists and news presenters are hell bent on driving the narrative away from the real issues that ought to be discussed during this election: corruption, cost of living, and the economy.

News Corp is owned by Rupert Murdoch, while Nine is chaired by former Liberal Treasurer Peter Costello and both are home to many ex-Liberal Party staffers as well many conservative commentators.

That’s why it is important to take extreme caution from the following media outlets and more during this election period:

News CorpNine
Sky News
The Australian
The Daily Telegraph (NSW)
Herald Sun (Vic)
The Courier Mail (Qld)
The Advertiser (SA)
The Mercury (Tas)
Nine television channels
2GB (radio in Sydney)
3AW (radio in Melbourne)
The Australian Financial Review
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW)
The Age (Vic)
The Canberra Times (ACT)

Opinions dressed up as facts becomes newsworthy

Unfortunately, these outlets and in particular News Corp have become so entrenched and so complacent that their radical opinions get dressed up as facts. Here is an example relating to the US elections:

An example of opinion dressed up as facts.

The clear bias in favor of the Liberal Party by all mainstream outlets, except The Guardian and a handful of other small media outlets, can be seen throughout social media particularly on YouTube and other news platforms. These mainstream outlets are far more powerful and wealthier than anything that could potentially be in Labor’s corner.

The sole aim of these media outlets, when it comes to the way they want you to think, is to steer you with lies and clever deception over a span of time by chipping at you at a subconscious level until the repetition becomes ingrained in you as fact.

An example of the bias can be found during the pandemic when media outlets wanted their opinion that the Liberal Party could do no wrong was dressed up as a fact. People bought into this rubbish until it was too late. It could not be further than the truth when most of the country realized that NSW Liberal Party Gladys Berejiklian put the whole country at jeopardy before the country was immunized to maintain the façade that she knew best when it came to handling COVID-19. That crucial period in June 2021 showed that her earlier luck during the pandemic in 2020 was clearly a fluke and she was finally shown for the heartless and complacent fool that she was.

Where on earth do these Sky News quotes come from? Answer, a bunch of nobodies. Their headlines are designed purely to attract attention and create bias than to be informative or useful

I hope you tune out of the mainstream media or see the clear bias these outlets have. The outlets will only become more relentless and vicious as the campaign wears on, but never forget that Labor is on your side and the Liberals are only out for themselves and their mates.

Hopefully on election day on Saturday, 21 May 2022 we will be able to herald a new dawn and welcome a new Prime Minister, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Albo is the leader that Australians deserve and it’s time to vote for him and the Labor Party

This is my opinion piece on the Australian Federal Election 2022. In Australia, this is likely to be the most important election in our lifetime.

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