The Proud Peacock – Mount Waverley, Melbourne – looking for a good restaurant in Mount Waverley?


Are you looking for a good restaurant in Mount Waverley? Proud Peacock is a popular restaurant in the Mount Waverley area thanks to its hospitality and generosity when it comes to giving guests more than usual with free snacks, cordials, and board games. This petite restaurant feels very rustic and homely, yet it feels like a place you want to support and come back time and time again.

If you are planning to visit the Proud Peacock during the weekend you should think about reserving a table ahead of visiting. The whole process can be done via their website. It can be hard to land a table if you attempt a dry walk-in. (I had this experience, so I am forewarning you.)

What struck me on first experiencing this restaurant was just how crowded it was and just much you could get from their usual, free snack stand. You can choose to have their cordial or a cup of soy milk, grab some Asian crackers and bags of chips/biscuits, get a handful of lollies, or grab a board game to play. I felt like a giddy kid in front of an all you can buffet. It was incredible, and clearly very popular with the locals with families being the predominant patrons in many many visits.

The menu at Proud Peacock
The menu at Proud Peacock

The menu itself is more expensive than usual, but that’s because there isn’t much competition in the local area for Asian cuisine. On one occasion, we ordered their Pepper Beef and Tomato Rice for AUD$17 and Sliced Beef and Beef Balls Pho for $16. It took a long time for our dishes to be ready, but we used our time to enjoy the various snacks and play some games at the table. During this period, we also visited their sauce stand to pick up some different chili sauces and hoi sin sauce.

Pepper Beef and Tomato Rice was okay. The beef was dressed in a nice peppery gravy and topped with an egg and some cucumbers. On the other hand, I wasn’t thrilled by the Sliced Beef and Beef Balls Pho because the soup was starchy and not very flavorsome. Not to be perturb, I still enjoyed the experience because some of their other dishes I’ve had on different days have been fantastic like their rice dishes and rice noodle salads.

The Proud Peacock is located at Hamilton Place, Mount Waverley VIC 3149:

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