Hoa Hoi Vang Pho – Springvale, Melbourne – in my top 3 for pho restaurants in Melbourne


Springvale offers some of the best pho restaurants. That’s the ever popular Vietnamese noodle soup, which is generally beef based but most restaurants will also serve a chicken version as well. I love visiting Hoa Hoi Vang Pho for several reasons and it’s such a hidden gem, though it’s clearly in plain sight on a main road. (It’s hidden because it’s an area of Springvale less frequented by locals and shoppers who tend to hang around where Gloria Jeans is located.) I love it for its delicious chicken and beef pho, it’s fantastic ingredients, and free noodle soup for children.

I have visited this restaurant since it opened in 2021. The menu has changed from just serving noodle soup to now serving salads, snacks and hot pot as well. I am keen to try it all.

The recommended dishes are definitely their Special Beef Pho for AUD$16 and their Special Chicken Pho for $18. Their beef pho comes in a large bowl with plenty of delicious sliced beef, beef ball, tendon, tripe, brisket, etc with plenty of their soup. The soup is sensational. The chicken pho comes with free range chicken and comes with parts of the chicken, giblets and young chicken egg. The texture of the chicken meat, the tasty soup, and the portion size are real pleases in my view.

The prices are slightly higher than usual by about $2 to $3, but it’s not that much more expensive than other competition in Springvale.

On one of the occasions, we ordered their Fried Wagyu Beef Pho for $20 and their Special Chicken Rice for $18. Oh boy. Their Fried Wagyu Beef Pho was just incredible and way better than Pho Thin’s version. The charcoal flavor and the tenderness of the wagyu was perfect. That soup was just heaven, because it was packed full of flavor. It was so much better than I thought it was going to be. Their Special Chicken Rice comes with an assortment of chicken parts and their famous sauce, which is a a little spicy, and I loved drizzling it over everything. The chicken rice is a very satisfying dish.

The restaurant tends to have a steady flow of customers, but not as many as I thought it would attract given its quality of food.

One of the best things about this restaurant is it’s open kitchen where you can see them make your bowl. There is a bit of honesty in having an open window. So good on them and it’s definitely a place that I will keep coming back to. Plus they have interesting murals and other artifacts within the restaurant which rate a mention.

I would absolutely put this in my top 3 places for pho in Springvale. Give it a go! It is one of the best pho restaurants in Springvale. Trust me, I’ve been to so many restaurants, I’m a local and my family is in the restaurant industry.

Hoa Hoi Vang Pho is located on the main road at 284C Springvale Road, Springvale VIC 3171:

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