Critical Hit – Melbourne – a pop culture store selling popular anime and manga collectables and merchandise


Melbourne is breaming with boutique stores. There are some with incredible offerings and some for particular niches such as anime and manga fans. One such store is Critical Hit on Little Collins. It’s a boutique store with an online presence selling all kinds of Japanese anime and manga collectibles and merchandise. It’s a top place to visit for any anime and manga fan.

The store has been around for several years and tends to attract more customers than the store can fit. It’s a very tight store with too many things on offer than it has shelf space.

The view of Critical Hit on Little Collins Street in Melbourne's CBD
The view of Critical Hit on Little Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD

Normally, I visit to see what Ichiban Kuji (Best Lottery) offerings they have to try my luck in the lottery game. Otherwise I am usually looking at their rare soundtracks and figurine collection. Most of their collection and merchandise is imported stuff from Japan, such as the Final Fantasy and video game soundtracks. So the prices tend to be higher, but you are not likely to find any of their things at other stores around Australia.

As an avid collector, I’m usually on the hunt for rare and hard to find things and tend to find those things here (such as the One Piece Music Material soundtrack, which is sold only in Japanese and they sold it at clearance rates below the Japanese recommended retail price). They also sell art books, video games, posters, plushes and so many other collectibles.

There are plenty of small and large gifts from the many popular anime like My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Dragon Ball, etc. Think of whatever is popular and these guys are bound to have it.

If you are an anime and manga fan, I am sure you will find something here for you. If lucky you may even come across a great deal.

Critical Hit is located in Melbourne’s CBD at 377 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000:

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