The Bangkok Eatery – Dingley Village, Melbourne – a refurbished restaurant in Melbourne’s south east serving Thai dishes


Dingley Village in Melbourne’s south east is becoming a hidden gem of cafes and small restaurants serving some exquisite cuisines. I’ve visited the area a few times and think it’s only going to get bigger and better. One of the fine restaurants is The Bangkok Eatery off the main road and on Marcus Road.

We visited the restaurant one night and happened to get a table despite not reserving a table in advance. We were almost turned away. So I think it is better to reserve a table as there is a chance the restaurant may turn you around.

The view of The Bangkok Eatery in Dingley Village off the main road
The view of The Bangkok Eatery in Dingley Village off the main road

The menu consists of some nice Thai dishes ranging from smaller dishes to larger dishes. At first glance, I thought the the fried chicken, soft shell crab larb and crunchy mushroom looked the most interesting. The restaurant advertises their fried chicken a lot on social media. Unfortunately my wife had other ideas, so we decided to go with their Tom Yum for AUD$19, Crunchy Mushroom for $19, Pad Thai for $18 and Garlic Fried Rice for $5. We both were keen on the Crunchy Mushroom and I was keen to try their Garlic Fried Rice.

The Bangkok Eatery menu is a mix of small and large dishes
The Bangkok Eatery menu is a mix of small and large dishes

The Tom Yum had tiger prawns, baby corn, oyster mushrooms and tomatoes. It was an okay soup dish. It didn’t quite excite the palate.

The Crunchy Mushroom was deep fried enoki mushrooms with minced chicken, herbs and red onion. This was a stand out dish thanks to the great textures from the batter and herbs plus the sticky sweet sauce on top. It was my favorite dish of the night. I highly recommend it.

The Pad Thai had tiger prawns, bean sprouts, eggs, shrimp, garlic chive, tofu and crushed peanuts. It had a nice sauce as well. The noodles were well cooked. I loved the mixture of ingredients, especially if I could get it all in one mouthful. It was a pretty delicious dish.

The Garlic Fried Rice was just a side dish but it had amazing flavors and had a slightly charred texture – which was excellent. It smelt delicious and it went well with the rest of the dishes.

The Bangkok Eatery is located at 53/55 Marcus Road, Dingley Village VIC 3172:

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