Cru+ at The Glen Shopping Centre – Glen Waverley, Melbourne – have a break with some picturesque cakes in between your shopping


Cru+ is a well placed within The Glen Shopping Centre. It sits around the half way point on the ground floor and has a great vantage point in front of two keys stores H&M and Uniqlo. I found myself enjoying a nice break in between shopping at this café.

The café offers breakfast, lunch, various cakes and drinks plus you can order larger cakes to take home for special occasions. For me, the purpose of visiting these cafés is to enjoy their sweets, especially their cakes, and to chill with a drink as well. Their smaller cakes are around AUD$10 each. The cakes vary from time to time depending on the season, so keep coming back to see what new additions have been added to their display.

I ordered two of their cakes. I took my seat and the cakes were brought to my table. Both cakes were sweet and done well. I was impressed with the presentation. Although it satisfied my sweet tooth on the day, my favorite cakes are still the ones at Bibelot, Black Star Pastry and Koi Dessert Bar.

Two of the many cakes on offer at Cru+
Two of the many cakes on offer at Cru+

I also ordered their matcha latte for $5. It came nice and warm with that delicate matcha flavor. The drink was exactly what I was hoping for.

With cakes and drinks in hand, I managed to kick back and enjoy the scene. It was the middle of the bustling shopping center seated in some nice chic-looking seats against their tables. Passerby would walk past the small barrier between us and them. Although the café is out in the open, I didn’t feel like it was a bad thing.

Cru+ also serves pastries like croissant and biscuits and for those wanting something chilly, ice-cream. When you need a break, you might want to consider Cru+.

Cru+ is located within The Glen Shopping Centre at 235 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley VIC 3150

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