American Doughnut Kitchen at Queen Victoria Market – Melbourne – fast queues for a popular buttery jam donut


Queen Victoria Market is quite a destination in Melbourne CBD’s northwest. A very popular food truck called American Doughnut Kitchen can be found there serving delicious warm, buttery jam donuts. Doughnuts or donuts? I prefer donut, but it’s special and it’s worth it.

Each morning, the van packs a crowd but at least the lines move quickly thanks to the relatively simple menu: just jam donuts.

You can see the creation of these treats as you wait in the queue by peering through the van’s windows.

American Doughnut Kitchen buttery jam donuts
American Doughnut Kitchen buttery jam donuts

When you get to the window, just say how many donuts you want. It is $1.50 for each donut or 5 for $7.50. You can pay by card or cash.

American Doughnut Kitchen van at Queen Victoria Market

The donuts have a crunchy exterior and soft buttery interior with jam. The buttery-ness is a unique twist to this dessert and it’s great. It ranks high in terms of donuts. I’d put it up there with Dandee Donuts at Dandenong Market in Melbourne’s south east.

American Doughnut Kitchen is located at Queen Victoria Market, Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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