Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Official Soundtrack – Top 10 tracks from the expansion that concludes the Ascian storyline plus a comprehensive breakdown of the soundtrack


One of the strong elements that make Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker a great edition to this numbered title is its soundtrack. There are so many incredible tracks to keep you entertained for hours on end. It’s a soundtrack that even non-gamers could get behind. If you haven’t heard “Endwalker – Footfalls” you absolutely need to. It’s an amazing track.

The soundtrack includes 62 tracks plus the following extras on one blu-ray disc. Each package includes a bonus in-game item code for “Wind-up Vrtra” and booklet on the making of the soundtrack plus some interesting commentary. The best bit is that there is Japanese and English text. Plus, it contains the following video tracks on the disc:

・ Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival 2021-2022 in China and Seoul
・ Endwalker – Footfalls Music Video (this is a longer version of the one on YouTube advertising the vinyl)
・ Endwalker (Chiptune Version)

If you order the first editions, you can acquire a different cover for your disc cover. This is the picture you get.

The Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival 2021-2022 in China and Seoul has the following track list:

  1. Shadowbringers
  2. Blinding Indigo
  3. Oblivion
  4. Ultima
  5. Amatsu Kaze
  6. Fiend
  7. Under the Weight
  8. To the Edge
  9. Insatiable
  10. Locus
  11. Rise
  12. eScape

You can watch the festival with The Primals on stage as they play each of these iconic tracks on screen. It saves you having to purchase a ticket to attend these events.

As soon as you put the blu-ray in your blu-ray player you will be introduced with the trailer and song for “Endwalker – Footfalls”. This version doesn’t have the narration, but it is still equally amazing. Afterwards, you can listen to all 62 tracks on the disc. Unfortunately you can’t actually select which one you want to listen to easily. There is the option to segregate the tracks and listen to certain groups such as All, Battle, Day and Night tracks, but it doesn’t tell you which tracks belong to which group.

Each track will have a series of slideshows from the game to accompany each track. Most of the screenshots are based on the events of the game when these tracks would be heard. For example, many boss enemies appear during the playing of “Finality” – the boss track. So the Magus Sisters and Anima make their appearances during that track.

Some of the tracks in the game are remakes of Final Fantasy IV tracks, such as: “Welcome to our Town” and “Battle 1”.

You can listen the tracks in the background. But in terms of what I enjoyed on the disc, here are my favorite songs from this soundtrack:

10. “Each Drop”

This song is pretty much “Flow” but as an instrumental.

It’s worth noting that the Japanese titles for most tracks are different to their English track names. “Each Drop” is the English track title, but “Small Life” (lit.) is the Japanese track title.

9. “The Final Day”

The track for an epic battle. It will play during the most important moment during the story. This track is only part 1 of 2 of this epic moment.

8. “Flow”

A comforting song with lyrics.

Check out the video below to listen to “Flow”.

The official video for Flow

7. “Endwalker”

This track reflects a small part of the best song of the soundtrack, “Endwalker – Footfalls” – the last bits when Zenos raises from his throne in the trailer. The beats are heavy and it’s so satisfying.

6. “Those we can yet Save”

There is something somber about this track, but as it continues to play there are droplets of hope sprinkled from time to time. It is a tranquil version of “Endwalker”

5. “Your Answer”

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker manages to have so many incredible boss tracks. “Your Answer” is one of them. Players get to listen to this track during their battle against Hydaelyn. This song is a remake of the song “Answers” but a battle-theme version.

4. “Finality”

This boss track is excellent. It is such an uplifting powerful track and it makes boss battles so much more thrilling.

You can catch a few tracks in this Benchmark Trailer, including the Finality track

3. “Close in the Distance”

Players get to listen to this song while exploring the final locale in Endwalker, Ultima Thule. The track manages to set a scene of everlasting peace, but it still manages to forebode something important has to be dealt with first to attain the peace.

2. “Endcaller”

This is the track that plays when the Warriors of Light face a proto-Zodiark. It starts off with end-game beats and perfectly melds it with the main theme Endwalker – Footfalls.

1. “Endwalker – Footfalls”

This song is epic. I think even non-video game players would be in awe at how amazing this track sounds. The track highlights is a combination of tracks, with some tracks reflecting the overall theme of each of the previous expansions. The strong vocals and the climax of this track are simply “music to the hears”.

The awesome trailer that got people excited for the next expansion to Final Fantasy XIV

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