Salero Kito Padang at Tivoli Arcade – Melbourne – get an Indonesian mix plate of rice and side dishes for lunch on Bourke Street


Lunch rush in the city can be hectic. There are so many choices. Salero Kito Padang in Tivoli Arcade has been around for a while serving mix rice plates and it’s great if you want food without having to wait long. You can go with a plate with a mix of 2 meat dishes and 1 vegetable dish for AUD$14.50 or add whatever extra for a few extra dollars.

Salero Kito Padang serves Indonesian cuisine. All you need to do is get in the queue and wait your turn. Once it is your turn, you make your choices:

  • dine in or take away
  • plain rice or no
  • choose however many meat dishes you want – some dishes cost an extra dollar or two
  • choose however many vegetable dishes you want
  • do you want fried onion and sambal at the cash register?

It can be pretty daunting choosing what dish you want, but I recommend choosing dishes that appeal to you (and avoid ones that seem too exotic). If you like your choices, you can come back next time for those exotic options.

Shopfront of Salero Kito Padang at Tivoli Arcade
Shopfront of Salero Kito Padang at Tivoli Arcade

On my plate that day, I had plain rice, a fried egg, jerk chicken, deep fried pork and some curried vegetables for around $17. I had two meat dishes and two vegetable dishes on my plate. The food was good.

I found the seating in Salero Kito to be cozy because it’s catered to quick lunches.

Salero Kito Padang is located within the Tivoli Arcade at 18, 235-251 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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