Ichi Katsu – Glen Waverley, Melbourne – connected to Marbled Yakiniku but focused on katsu, from either deep fried breaded pork, chicken or fish


We were wowed by Marbled Yakiniku, their other establishment closer to The Glen Shopping Centre. But dining at Marbled Yakiniku is quite expensive and not one that you could frequent regularly. The team have opened Ichi Katsu on the busy Kingsway in early-mid 2022 and it’s focus on more affordable breaded deep fried pork, chicken and fish is a winner. The dishes are still more expensive than the standard fare in this bustling suburb, but at least it is four times lighter on the wallet. And, importantly the food tastes delicious and is satisfying.

The décor is that of a modern Japanese restaurant with lanterns overhead and a strong polished wood aesthetic. It’s not a huge restaurant, but it manages to seat quite a number of people. On the day, we managed to land a table closer to the entrance and noticed just how many people were turned away due to the restaurant being at capacity. (A lot of people missed out. So come early and/or reserve your spot.)

Inside the restaurant at Ichi Katsu
Inside the restaurant at Ichi Katsu

On the table, we were asked to scan the QR code and order from their online menu. Of course the stars of the restaurant are their katsu dishes. You can choose from pork, chicken and fish. There are also beef dishes as well. Their menu is extensive and goes beyond just katsu to include some popular Japanese dishes.

Ichi Katsu's menu
Ichi Katsu’s menu

In their menu, they do Omu Rice for $25.80, Seafood Soup Nabe for $26.80, Mentaiko Spaghetti for $24.80 and plenty of smaller dishes like Gyoza for $5.80 (for 3 pcs) and Agedashi Tofu for $7.80 (for 3 pcs).

We opted for their Ribu Ro-Su which is deep fried pork ribs with their special sauce for $31.80 and added on top their rice, miso soup and set of three appetizers for $7.80. It’s a pretty expensive meal. The deep fried pork ribs meat was learner than the equivalent found in the Kids Meal and it was very tasty. The breading was excellent and well flavored. The appetizers were really nice too with sweet egg omelet, lotus salad and pickled vegetables.

We had the Yakisoba with Pork and Vegetables for $21.80. This dish came with pickled radish, spring onions, cabbage and a nice serve of pork chashu. One unique aspect with the noodles was that it had seaweed sprinkled throughout. This was an awesome dish and very satisfying, plus I hadn’t seen Yakisoba made in the same, unique way before.

I thought the Kids Meal for $15 was well worth the price. It came with the three smaller pieces of katsu of pork, fish and chicken. All were delicious and slightly fatty. It also came with an eggy mayonnaise which worked well with the katsu. The Kids Meal also came with a bowl of rice and miso soup. It will definitely feed the child (and potentially kill any remaining cravings of an adult as well).

All in all, we were really happy with the dishes. It was satisfying and delicious. The service was super attentive and we will definitely want to come back.

It was a tad expensive for two people and a baby, but way cheaper than Marbled Yakiniku.

A view of Ichi Katsu on Kingsway, Glen Waverley
A view of Ichi Katsu on Kingsway, Glen Waverley

Ichi Katsu is located at 97 Kingsway, Glen Waverley VIC 3150 on the main street:

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