Murasaki Tanuki – Wantirna South, Melbourne – trades itself as “Delicious, Affordable and Fast”


We were keen for some Japanese one night and decided there must be a highly reviewed restaurant that we hadn’t visited before. Wantirna South isn’t usually on our radar.

We had no reservation and even though the restaurant wasn’t packed, we were only given outside seats. This was a Saturday night where we came at 5 pm around the restaurant’s opening time.

Welcome to Murasaki Tanuki in Wantirna South

The place got packed pretty quickly and even tables outside started filling up. Our hosts offered either cold or hot water as a refreshment. We opted for hot water, which came in a nice tea pot.

The restaurant is relatively cosy inside and outside. Outside, we were seated at a table that was at a slant and was quite chilly (in terms of temperature).

Most of the menu was a mix of sushi, rice bowls and noodles. Although the sushi platters and small dishes were popular, we opted for pork katsu donburi and curry beef udon, plus a side of two sushi handrolls of lobster salad and teriyaki salmon.

The handrolls were delicious. They served up plenty of sauce.

The donburi had a nice crispy breaded pork with an omelet and pickled vegetables. The breading was not too thick and it held the body of the katsu together.

The curry udon was soupy with curry sauce on top. It was definitely more of a soup than a thick curry. The beef was just tender beef brisket.

Takeaway seems pretty fast and they seem to pride themselves on being fast in this field, but dine in seemed a little slow. But we at least got to see all the delicious creations through the see through glass window from sitting outside.

Murasaki Tanuki is located at 3/249 Stud Road, Wantirna South VIC 3152:

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