Eastern Dumpling House – Springvale, Melbourne – one of the few, great dumpling joints in this popular foodie suburb and try their signature ox tongue on rice!


When you think of Springvale, you think of south east Asian cuisines like Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai and Malaysian cuisine – but there is a pretty good Chinese dumpling and noodle restaurant if you know it. This restaurant fills in a gap for people craving pan fried dumplings, the way the mainlanders do them.

I have frequented Eastern Dumpling House more than a handful of times. I have tried a number of their dishes, some are so-so but some are great. So, here are my recommendations.

Two of the dishes I would call out are their Pork with Pickled Cabbage in Noodle Soup, which is AU$13, and the Signature Beef Ox Tongue on Rice with Chili (which comes with a side of soup) for $21.80. The Pork with Pickled Cabbage in Noodle Soup has an excellent salty flavor meat and vegetables and goes well with their soup and noodles. On the other hand, it is an absolute pleasure eating their Signature Beef Ox Tongue on Rice – the ox tongue is perfectly cut and the flavor plus satisfaction is out of this world. I don’t go anywhere else for ox tongue, because this place does it really well. (It’s just a shame that they increased the price from $18.80 to $21.80.)

Their dumplings are also really good and so too their Rice Cakes with Spinach and Pork dish.

Unfortunately, I have been let down by their Pork Meatball on Rice and certain noodle soup dishes. They were very bland and uninteresting. The pork meatball is just a boring ball of meat with a small mountain of rice. The chili oil can’t save it from my being a disappointment. Likewise some of their noodle soups are plain and uninteresting.

The décor within the restaurant feels like an old Chinese canteen. It can feel cozy.

Eastern Dumpling House is located at 10C Buckingham Avenue, Springvale VIC 3171:

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