InterContinental Adelaide – Adelaide – a good location near Rundle Mall and the main train station and pretty enjoyable


We stayed for one night at the InterContinental Adelaide. We were slightly concerned about where we could park our vehicle for the night, but it turned out that we could park at the Adelaide Convention Centre for $29 a night, though we didn’t stay for 24 hours. (Adelaide is one of those cities where hiring a car is far more beneficial than relying on public transport.) The InterContinental Adelaide is located on the same site as the Adelaide Convention Centre. This meant that when we came up from the carpark, we were already looking at the hotel.

The InterContinental Adelaide is located along the North Terrace in Adelaide’s CBD. It is a good location, because it is within walking distance to the main train station and Rundle Mall.

We booked the Club Room for our night’s stay and added a baby cot which they provided as a complimentary addition. We were impressed with the size of the room and some of the aesthetics in the bathroom. But, we did notice that the room was slightly aging with its older looking cupboards and carpet. The rooms offered everything that we needed.

The hotel has 24 floors with four lifts. The reception area is huge and seems to be a great place to host functions. The lobby is quite impressive and there are several restaurants and conference halls for hire, plus there is a famous Japanese restaurant, Shiki, and club lounge on the upper lobby floor.

Since we booked the Club Room we also had access to the Club Lounge which is relatively spacious. We visited on a weekday and it was pretty quiet, so we had more attentive service than what we expected. (Which is great.) There is a lot to look at in this Club Lounge from ornaments to various photos on the walls.

The lounge served afternoon tea from 2:00 to 4:00 PM and canapes plus drinks from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Afternoon tea offered some light refreshments with scones and sandwiches. We also ordered some nice tea and coffee. We visited Chinatown in between afternoon tea and canapes. When we came back, we ordered alcoholic drinks and more tea and had a delicious serving of charred bread with olives and various plates with dumplings and cheese platter.

Given there weren’t many people, we were able to order additional canape dishes without much concern.

Best thing was that we were allowed to bring our toddler daughter into the lounge.

We also enjoyed the pool, which can also be accessed from one lift in the entire hotel. It is pretty small pool, but is nicely decked out and can imagine getting pretty full quickly.

For the morning, we had the option to go to Riverside Restaurant for breakfast. There were some delicious options spread across the buffet section like cereal, pastries and fruit, but the main courses were a la carte and there were some pretty delicious options. We went with the InterContinental Breakfast, which came with an array of things on the plate like scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, etc, and the Brekky Burger which had a brioche with halloumi, bacon and spinach. It was a fantastic set of dishes and there was plenty to eat and enjoy.

Overall, the InterContinental Adelaide was a pleasant stay. It wasn’t too expensive either. The hotel managed to offer some great food and experiences.

There is no parking on site, but there is an all-day parking for the Convention Centre that we found super convenient but was $29 a night. The InterContinental Adelaide is located at North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000:

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