Longrain Melbourne – Melbourne – fine dining Thai cuisine at its finest and most satisfying with a great atmosphere


Longrain is a well loved Thai restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD. It’s fine dining at its finest and most satisfying because you get the best of Thai cuisine with excellent ingredients and flavors and a tranquil atmosphere.

Our starters of oysters, betel leaf prawns and chargrilled chicken skewers as part of the Longrain banquet
Our starters of oysters, betel leaf prawns and chargrilled chicken skewers as part of the Longrain banquet

Longrain almost met its demise during the pandemic, but fortunately it was financially backed and brought back with a second wind. With lockdowns now a thing of the past, I’m sure Longrain will make it for another couple of years.

I made sure to book my table in advance via their website reservation system “Book a Table. It was simple enough and I received a text message to confirm the reservation.

On the night, I walked in to a beautiful restaurant. One fit for a fine dining restaurant. The service was attentive and excellent.

We ordered their banquet for $85 per person to keep things simple. I have group the dishes that came together, we had starters, entrée, mains and dessert:

  • Freshly shucked oysters, finger lime, ma kweng pepper
  • Betel leaf, prawn, lime, chilli, ginger, peanuts
  • Chargrilled chicken skewer, sweet fish sauce, Northern Thai spice
  • Yum Kao Tod: Crispy rice, tofu, ginger, mint, coriander, chilli, peanuts
  • Caramelised pork belly, five spice, pickled mustard greens
  • Turmeric curry, braised lamb, kipfler potatoes, pickled kohlrabi
  • Gai lan, shiitake XO
  • Steamed jasmine rice
  • Sticky tamarind pudding, macerated pineapple, palm sugar, coconut

The oysters were a little small and hard to taste before swallowing, but I enjoyed the flavors in the betel leaf prawn and the chicken skewer. The Yum Kao Toad had crunchy rice and was a pleasant, nice experience for me. The mains were excellent. The pork belly had a delicious crunch and flavor and the curry lamb had tender meat and a well spiced curry sauce. The dessert was super easy to enjoy and finish.

There were additional items that we could have added to the banquet, but we decided to keep things simple and just order whatever drinks we wanted.

As with all fine dining experiences, I didn’t feel overwhelmed or bloated after the experience. All throughout, the waiters filled our glasses with water and ensure we all felt comfortable. It was a great night with free flowing conversation.

Longrain Melbourne is located in Melbourne’s CBD close to Spring Street at 44 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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