Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza – Melbourne – from the big apple to Australia’s number one most liveable cities in the world


I have to admit that American food hasn’t filled me joy in the past. I normally have the excitement welling up before eating but then feel absolutely shattered at the quality of the food or go through levels of regret when I feel the food churning in the stomach. There are so many American fast food outlets out there that come to mind.

Unlike other civilized countries, I feel, having researched a little for my cancelled American holiday due to Covid-19, that Americans tend to prefer vendors that offer quality food that you can eat on the go, because visits to restaurants tend to on the very expensive end due to service charges and tips. Hence why things like bagels, hot dogs, donuts and pizzas are so popular in places like New York.

Sal's Authentic New York Pizza storefront on Flinders Lane
Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza storefront on Flinders Lane

So, in Melbourne there is a lot of competition when it comes to culinary food. Europeans have made Australia, and in particular Melbourne, their home. We have heaps of Italian, French and Greek cafes and restaurants. Each brings their ‘authentic’ cuisines and ingredients to us lucky Melburnians. We tend to prefer those flavors and cooking styles that represent the genuine traditions back at home, which is why barista brewed coffee is preferred over Starbucks coffee.

As for Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza, it’s an import from, of course, New York and made its home in the Melbourne back in 2019.

And I’ve got to admit that I’m pretty impressed with their huge 18 inch pizzas. They are better than what I was expecting and hoping for from a pizza joint. There are other really great pizza joints, but for the prize, size and taste – I think Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza is great.

The menu and pizza on display at Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza

The first time I visited, I ordered half a Brooklyn, which is AUD$23 but a full-size one is $39. The Brooklyn has a trio of meat including pepperoni (salami), meatball and sausage. It was so satisfyingly good with the meat, cheese and rich tomato sauce. At 18 inches, the pizza slice is huge, so order half a pizza if it’s just two people. (It is scary how big this pizza is in real life.) Half a pizza gets you 4 slices.

On another occasion, I ordered their Manhattan, which comes with pepperoni and mushroom, and their award winning Nonna, which comes with cheese and basil. All their pizzas with pepperoni were really tasty when hot.

Half a Brooklyn pizza with pepperoni, sausage and meatball with garlic knots and pepperoni wheels

I also ordered 3 pieces of their garlic knots for $5 and a pepperoni wheel for $5.50. These breads are crispy and garlicky-cheesy good. I love biting into these treats and it’s definitely worth getting. In fact, a date at Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza wouldn’t be right without adding either a garlic knot or a pepperoni wheel.

If you want a deal, I recommend getting their Neck Combo which comes with any two slices, 2 garlic knots, a legendary sauce tub and a can of soda (soft drink) for $15. For city prices, this is a pretty good deal.

There are a few locations in Melbourne to get Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza. The one on Flinders Lane is at 289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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