Roarti – the Art of Roti – Melbourne – the winner of Masterchef Australia blends roti and banh mi together


Jess, a winner on Masterchef Australia, has opened Roarti along with a dessert store next to it. She was a favorite on the television series for her desserts and presentation, and manages to have quite the following on social media. For someone quite young, she has prodigiously created winning dishes on the show and now is introducing to Melburnians some exciting new treats.

Roarti – the Art of Roti manages to combine two favorites, crunchy roti from Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian cuisine and banh mi from Vietnamese cuisine, into one delicious roll.

A view of Roarti from La Trobe Street in Melbourne’s CBD

You can choose between tofu, crispy chicken, grilled chicken, pork belly and soft shell crab from AUD$15 and you get your choice of meat and pickled carrot and cucumber salad. I never knew I needed this until I tried it. It is such an incredible innovation that it is better than the sums of its parts.

I ordered both the pork belly and soft shell crab and I thought the rolls had a good serving of meat and handful of the pickled carrot and cucumber salad.

Roarti’s menu is simple and designed for quick lunches

I also had the Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce and Cucumber Salad for $16.50 (for 4 pcs). I would recommend the skewers for sure. In fact, I highly recommend coming with a friend during lunch and doing halves with them, because they cut the rolls in half and most of the dishes are dishes you can share with another.

Roarti also sells other small plates and large plate meals, but it wasn’t a big restaurant from what I could see. I’ve also seen some incredible looking crispy roti and ice-cream dessert – it looks so tasty.

Roarti – the Art of Roti is across the road from Melbourne Central and is located at 270 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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