Shyun – Carnegie, Melbourne – good value Japanese restaurant serving seafood don, sushi and noodles plus classic Japanese dishes


There are plenty of restaurants lined up on Koornang Road in Carnegie. We have come to Shyun a few times in the past and feel that it’s a fantastic Japanese restaurant for its affordable and delicious menu. Shyun does some incredible seafood, such as fish, over a bed of rice with their pickled radish. Overall, its a very hospitable venue and one that will probably leave you impressed.

The view of Shyun from Koornang Road in Carnegie
The view of Shyun from Koornang Road in Carnegie

The restaurant interior looks deceptively small from the streets, but fortunately there are seating further in the restaurant. My recommendation is to book in advance to secure your spot.

On arrival, you order using their QR code on the table but all payments are made at the counter. The menu via the QR code introduces you to their signature dishes including the mixed chirashi (which includes various fishes sliced on a bed of rice) for AUD$24, Spicy Pork Soba/Udon for $11.50 and Double Crunch Kingfish Roll (sushi) for $14. You can order sashimi, sushi, dons (rice bowls) and noodles and they have classic dishes which include eel, tempura, curry, omelet and tataki. There is plenty to choose from.

On the day, we ordered the Ryukyu Tuna Don for $17.90, Udon for $8.50 and the Deluxe Bento for $18.90. I liked the Ryukyu Tuna Don which had raw tuna mixed with their spicies on rice, thought the udon was good, and their deluxe bento as being good value and appreciated the inclusion of sushi and vegetable tempura.

Like most days, Shyun is packed. So either get in early or you will be one of those people or families that we saw get turned away.

Shyun is located on 126 Koornang Road, Carnegie VIC 3163:

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