Meet Fresh – Glen Waverley, Melbourne – this place is so popular and booming at night time with young people


Every time I see it, Meet Fresh in Glen Waverly is always busy and there is always a line. I can sort of work out about three reasons why it is busy, but I think the most important factor is that offers desserts beyond just milk tea with tapioca and includes things like dessert bowls, shaved ice desserts (bingsu), purple rice porridge, puddings and waffles.

Meet Fresh’s menu (not including their drinks) at their Glen Waverley franchise

Their Yogurt Series drinks are already AUD$8.90 and their Warm Taro Bal bowls are around $12 each. I ordered their Strawberry Yogurt drink and their Warm Taro Ball bowl no. 4 with red bean, taro and pearls. Their yogurt drink was good, but I think me and my wife found their Warm Taro Ball bowl to be especially good and warming on a cold day (even though at first I thought they had just given us just a bowl of red bean soup – luckily it took one scoop to reveal the treasures.)

When you order, you are given a buzzer which buzzes when your order is ready. It took about 5 minutes for our order to be ready.

The toughest thing about this venue is that it’s a decent sized venue, but for most of the time it is really hard to find a seat. (There have been times when it almost looks like things can get feisty and territorial, especially when it’s super cold, crowded and seating is in short supply.) If it is busy for dine-in, there is no reason not to takeaway.

Warm Taro bowl with pearls, taro pieces and red bean in red bean soup and a Strawberry Yogurt drink at Meet Fresh

Meet Fresh is located in an alley with Marbled Yakiniku and Boiling Crab at 52-54 O’Sullivan Road, Glen Waverley VIC 3150:

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