Tang – Glen Waverley, Melbourne – a very affordable Chinese restaurant doing noodles and dumplings


Tang 弄唐 has two franchises around Melbourne. Their franchise in Glen Waverley is just across from Glen Waverley Station on its northern side. There is another in Box Hill.

I happened to come across this establishment when I was in search of dinner. What attracted us to the restaurant was the price of their most expensive noodle soup was AUD$12.50 and a plate of pot stickers (5pcs)was $8.90 compared to the standard price in Glen Waverley.

The interior of the restaurant is contemporary and you can order from their serve self screen or front counter. I found the menu at the tables were hard to read due to the lack of photos and not knowing what things meant like Suji Noodles or Meejie Noodles. Even though I knew a few Chinese characters, it wasn’t helpful as I’m not a native Chinese person and wasn’t familiar with the dishes.

I think it’s better to order from the self serve screen at the front counter because it has photos for most of the dishes. Plus you can pay for it easier using your credit card.

Most of the service is self serve, you get your own water, cutlery and condiments.

In terms of the noodle dishes, I thought the Beef Noodle Soup had some nice tender beef brisket but the soup was quite bland, whereas the Meejie Noodles had a nice bean curd wrapped around a sausage roll but again the soup was pretty bland. For both dishes, it was nice to get some decent noodles and bok choy. The wonton soup was nice and tasty enough for a $7.50 dish.

Overall, I thought it was a good restaurant offering affordable food. It seems easy enough to order and get a table. The best place to see the menu is the self serve counter.

Tang is located at 23 Railway Parade North, Glen Waverley VIC 3150:

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