Hotel Clover 7 – Singapore – an affordable hotel in Chinatown with incredibly tiny rooms


Land in Singapore comes at premium and so the typical hotel rooms reflects this reality. While there are some hotels that offer larger floor space, they come at a significant cost that will make any cost conscious traveler wary. Singapore offers several types of hotels aimed at the ends of each spectrum and so Hotel Clover 7 exists to help those wanting affordable accommodation.

The hotel is nestled in Chinatown and is close to Clarke Quay. There are plenty of late night restaurants in the area and walking to Clarke Quay on our first night was a nice highlight. The hotel is a convenient location that is close to several public transport hubs, i.e. train station and bus stops.

There is also Hotel Clover 5 which is a step up from Hotel Clover 7 and offers more space and amenities.

We booked one of the Queen Rooms which was only 11 meters squared. There was literally no space for a clear walkway. Me and my better half had to play Tetris everyday to move our large luggage and bodies out of the way for the other to move from place to place. There is some space for luggage at the bottom of the bed, but it can only fit one luggage.

The bathroom was really odd. There was a shower with a shower curtain and toilet in a cozy corner and the actual water basin to brush teeth and wash hands was situated next to the bed on the bedside table. It was very odd and not something I’ve seen elsewhere.

The nice thing about the room was the television with the many channels available. We were able to catch up on some blockbuster films in the evening.

The main reason for staying at this hotel was that it was super affordable. It can cost under SGD$100 a night. We didn’t stay in the room much and it served its purpose, which was for purely for rest and cleaning up in between days of adventuring.

Hotel Clover 7 is located at 7 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059648:

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