Street Pho – Noble Park, Melbourne – seems to be the most popular restaurant in Noble Park full stop


It can be hard to get a seat at Street Pho. It seems to be buzzing on Fridays to Sundays. Other restaurants on Douglas Street don’t seem to get the same fanfare. For Vietnamese cuisine, Street Pho does a good job with its pho and noodle soups plus its fried noodles and rice dishes.

The price of the dishes hover above AUD$15 to $20 for a bowl of noodles or plate of rice. In terms of tastiness, I think its dishes are definitely pretty good but I think there are a lot more tastier dishes at Springvale. But when it comes to Noble Park, I’d say Street Pho is close to the top.

We ordered their Egg Noodles with Soup and Crispy Chicken for $17, Deluxe Combination Pho for $18 and a Three Color Drink for $6.

The Egg Noodles with Soup and Crispy Chicken was nice. Their noodles and soup were above average. I thought their pho was okay. It had a good soup base and a decent mix of beef and chicken like beef brisket, tripe, beef balls, chicken giblet, and other offal.

Their Three Color Drink was just as I imagined it would be, sweet and coconut creamy. It had a good amount of cendol, red bean and mung beans.

Three color drink for $6 at Street Pho
Three color drink for $6 at Street Pho

When I visit Noble Park, I visit to give their noodle soups and rice dishes a go. I notice that a lot of people enjoy their rice noodle and salad bowls with fish sauce.

Street Pho is located at Shop 1, 24A Douglas Street, Noble Park VIC 3174 and I normally just park on the side street:

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