Hawker Boys – Melbourne – a Vietnamese joint in popular Hardware Lane


One lunch time, I wandered from restaurant to restaurant in busy Hardware Lane looking for a restaurant for a quick lunch. I was disappointed that some popular joints like Lulu’s Char Kway Teo and Miznon were booked out and simply closed, but luckily I could get a seat at Hawker Boys but sitting outside.

Hawker Boys offer a typical Vietnamese menu consisting of small dishes, banh mi, noodle soups, rice dishes and bao. I ordered at the counter and took my seat. It happened to be a pretty sunny day and a few of my companions were happy with the direct light, but I didn’t mind.

The menu at Hawker Boys
The menu at Hawker Boys

The banh mi seemed pretty popular. Hawker Boys use tiger baguette and add a decent amount of pickled vegetables and either meat or tofu. Their banh mi sit around $10, which is a decent price for a city lunch.

I ordered their Crispy Lemongrass Pork Belly on Rice for AUD$16.50 and also their Char Siu BBQ Pork Steam Bao for $14. The rice dish was pretty good that I happily dug into it. It came with some crispy pork, pickled vegetables and leaf salad plus fish sauce and hoi sin sauce.

The baos were good, because they had a decent amount of sauce and fillings.

Between the rice dish and the bao, I preferred the rice dish. In the end, it was a pretty decent lunch.

Hawker Boys is located at 85 Hardware Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

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