Mork Chocolate – Melbourne – hidden away is a fantastic hot chocolate cafe


If you are in the city looking for a nice hot chocolate on a cold, winter’s day, you can lookout for this hidden gem: Mork Chocolate. It’s located at 20 Equitable Place, Melbourne VIC 3000 which is also home to other hidden gems too – but that’s for a different article. It can be easy to walk past, but if you know what you are looking for it’s easy.

I have frequented Mork Chocolate a number of times and am always keen to try their various hot chocolates. You can choose either iced or hot dark chocolate for AUD$7. I normally go with their original dark with 70% cacao and found their dark milk & river salt with 65% cacao to be equally enticing.

Their signature campfire hot chocolate for S9 is also really good and comes with a nice toasted marshmallow. I have also tried their Mork Mocha for $7 which had allowed me to get my caffeine and chocolate hit in one shot.

Mork Chocolate’s small outlet within Melbourne’s CBD is at 20 Equitable Place, Melbourne VIC 3000

The drinks are nice and chocolate-y. It’s not the usual hot chocolate at all. I can taste the dark chocolate flavor very well. I think it’s totally well worth the experience.

They also offer alternative milks for an additional $1, including oat and coconut milk, almond milk and soy milk.

Plus they offer a host of take home chocolate powder and pastries. I definitely recommend their flans, which are really, really good, especially their pistachio and lemon curd one.

If you are with friends or even colleagues in the neighborhood, visit Mork Chocolate for a delicious beverage.

Mork Chocolate is located within the alleyway at 20 Equitable Place, Melbourne VIC 3000:

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