Mejico – Melbourne – nice Mexican food that is affordable, delicious and accompanied with a nice music atmosphere


I visited Mejico first as part of a work function and then again for a personal outing with family. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the music and ambience, and food during the work function which made it compelling to come back with family in toe. There is a nice upstairs area with a private bar and function tables for gatherings of 30 to 40 people. It’s great for a small work get-together.

Mejico is located at 1 Pink Alley just off Little Collins Street. It is pretty obvious to see when you stare down the alleyway with its vibrant pink color.

I booked a table through their website where they only provided two hour seating.

Mejico serves Mexican cuisine at an affordable price. Their feed me menu is AUD$69 per person, which is good for a city venue. Otherwise their menu is short and sweet with snacks, tacos and mains.

In regard to service, I thought the service was attentive but we constantly felt a bit rushed as they tried to keep us to within our two hour seating limit on a Saturday evening. The servers were definitely keen to help with specials and drinks.

There are a few drinks available from their cocktail bar, including plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

For starters, we had their Silk Stocking non-alcoholic drink for $8 with grapefruit, lychee and chia. It was a nice, sweet drink with lemon and ice.

We ordered their tabled smashed guacamole with zucchini tacos for $17 and watermelon salad for $12 as snacks for the table. They actually came to our table with a pestle and mortar and smashed the avocado in front of us. The watermelon salad was delicious and had a nice seasoning.

We had the chicken and soft shell crab tacos, which had 2 pieces per order, for $16 each (for 2 pieces). I thought the soft shell crab was the superior of the two with its crunchy crab and mango, avocado salsa.

We ordered the rotisserie chicken with pineapple and corn salsa for $28 and their roasted pork belly with pickled carrot for $30 plus their potato side dish, the patatas bravas for $12. The chicken was nice, but the breast meat was a tad dry. The pork belly was succulent but wished the skin was crispy. While the potatoes were crunchy but I would have preferred chips instead.

All day I was hoping to pick up some churros from Queen Victoria Market, but had to settle with churros at Mejico. I had the churros at the work function and they were incredibly delicious. But on the night we attended, the churros had a burnt taste which didn’t go down well. The only saving aspect was the caramel sauce.

Mejico is located at 1 Pink Alley, Melbourne VIC 3000:

You can read more about Mejico’s sister store Indu here:

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