Five Guys – Southbank, Melbourne – the 100% fresh, no fillers or preservative American, best burger, joint comes to Melbourne


So Five Guys has now landed a permanent store in Melbourne and my first impression is that I’m pretty happy with its offering, taste and serving size, but the cost is something that holds me back.

The company behind Meat, Wine & Co (which is situated next door) brought Five Guys down to Australia. It’s a great addition to Southbank which I felt was in need of a buzzing, busy burger joint in this part of the city (sorry Merrywell).

Five Guys has opened their store along Melbourne’s Southbank just across from Crown Casino. It can be reached with a number of trams and buses. It’s located in a high foot traffic area along the Yarra River. It’s easy to spot with its distinctive red sign.

Lining up at Five Guys you can see the sack of potatoes and the American diner vibes here at Five Guys
Lining up at Five Guys you can see the sack of potatoes and the American diner vibes here at Five Guys

On arriving, I was happily surprised by the strong red and white colors and American diner look and feel. While waiting to order, there were stacks of potato bags with actual potatoes inside. (Can confirm it feels like actual potatoes.)

I ordered their Cheeseburger for AUD$19 with “all the way” toppings (which is mayonnaise, lettuce, pickled, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms) and added relish and barbecue sauce. All the toppings are free, but “all the way” makes sense as a starting point. You can also choose onions, capsicum, jalapeno, HP sauce and hot sauce.

The menu at Five Guys in Melbourne
The menu at Five Guys in Melbourne

I added regular fries with Cajun seasoning for $7.90 and a regular drink for $5.90 (with free refills). They also sell beers and milkshakes for $9.90. (Below, you will see why I regretted ordering Regular Fries.)

The condiment station offered tomato ketchup and mayonnaise while the drinks had some peculiar, exotic flavors like Fanta’s creamy soda.

Five Guys’ Cheeseburger for $19, Regular Fries for $7.90 and Regular Drink for $5.90. Look at all those additional fries chucked in the back of the bag!

I was particularly surprised that my regular fries was not just a cup, but rather a another big handful of fries chucked into the bottom of the bag. It’s crazy how much extra fries you get.

The burger was hefty, yet delicious. It was a really good double patty burger. Plus the burger condiments were excellent and tasty. It had that real Americana taste and feel, extremely satisfying and packed full of flavor. (The food here is not for those looking to diet.)

Five Guys in Melbourne is located at 3 Freshwater Place, Southbank VIC 3006:

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